Who Let the Drucks Out, Woof, Woof

Sometimes I get to the party early. Grab a drink. Stare at the host’s bookshelf/CD/DVD collection. Silently judge.

Other times, I get there late and I’m already primed and ready for a good time. I am late to the Dogs in Slow Motion party. Are you? (Aroooo?)

I’m on day 5 of my vodka/caffeine/no carbs diet and let me tell you — I am FULL of crabby goodness. (See yesterday’s post for reference.) So I can use all the yuks I can get. You know you’re really hungry when you find yourself staring at a crouton with lust in your heart. This is Mother Drucker, calling the year 2001 — can I have my metabolism back? Once you work out all that silly Y2K nonsense, I expect you to be all OVER this.

I am, however, making a teensy diet exception for these uber-cute adora calcium supplements:

What a sweet way to get your calcium! Calci-YUM! Adora the Explorer! (Okay that last one was super lame.) I get these at Whole Mortgage Payment in the dark chocolate variety, and feel almost no guilt about the two tiny grams of sugar per dark ‘n delicious disk. Thanks awesome pal Kate for the recommendation! When my spine maintains its integrity at age 80 due to sufficient bone density, I’ll put my teeth back in and say an ode to you.

I’m off to Big Bear for the weekend, which should involve the three things I like best about skiing: hot tubs, hot guys and hot toddies. 60 degree temps mean I may not ski much, which means I probably won’t break anything, which is good, because the odds are I’ll still find a way to do something I’ll regret the next morning. HAPPY WEEKEND!


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