Photo credit Adra G.

Photo credit Adra G.

I’m Debra, a writer based in Los Angeles but originally from Chicago. My opinion, food, fashion and lifestyle articles have been featured in the New York Post (August 09), CS and Front Desk Magazines in Chicago, the Sunday magazine of the New Zealand Herald, and the Daily News here in LA, among others.

I’ve done advertising copywriting, speechwriting, screenwriting and even the True Value Hardware janitors’ catalog, wherein I made urinal cakes leap off the page with my enticing, engaging descriptions. I will write for anyone or anything who will pay me. I am the whore of the written word.

Here are some other titles I’ve held in addition to writer:

  • Disco dancer (Rhodes, Greece)
  • Receptionist (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Nanny (London, England)
  • Hostel warden (Killarney, Ireland)
  • Movie ticket taker (Oak Brook, IL)
  • German Beer Garden Beerfrau (Westmont, IL)
  • 6th grade teacher (Chicago, IL)
  • Commercial actress (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Second City graduate (Chicago, IL)
  • Air hockey champion (my sister’s basement)

So now you know a little about me. I’d love to hear all about you. (You, you, YOU!) Drop me a line at debrachicago(at)hotmail(dot)com.


15 responses to “About

  1. Hey Debbie!

    So glad to come across your blog! Mine isn’t much to look at these days – too much work is keeping me from it – but alas, like you, I will write – ANYTHING – for pay. (Well, maybe not anything!) Anyway, so good to see you at the reunion. I would love to keep in touch and commiserate about this crazy writing career of ours and cheer each other on.

    Hope your Thanksgivingpalooza was worth the trip. On to more holidays… keep in touch!


    • debra

      molly! you totally made my day — love the ‘palooza’ reference. πŸ™‚ i also love your blog and am in awe of how long you’ve been at this. (esp compared to my paltry two months!) i’m so proud of your west suburban living clip — that’s fantastic! being published is a huge accomplishment, for as you know only too well, the competition is fierce. however i am absolutely sure that the cream rises and that would be US, so it’s only a matter of time!

      i’m going to put you on my blogroll if that’s okay! and thanks for reaching out, it means so much!

  2. D (ebra) – great to find your blog. Concerned that you took down something that people found offensive in some way – an artist needs to stand on her principles, and if you wrote it – you obviously meant it – right? AND you have replaced it with a pussy shot – which takes your blog to a whole new level – should I be concerned?

    I will keep my eyes on the blog, as I always enjoy your words. So get them fingers moving and stimulate your fans with some verse!


    • debra

      thanks sugar. nah, no one but me found it offensive. just isn’t a direx i want to go. my artistic integrity is still intact! πŸ™‚ thanks so much for reading! keep your eyes on the blog (love it) foh shoh.

  3. Scott T.

    Woo hoo! I guess by subscribing I have now entered the blogosphere or am at least visiting it. Whatever I encounter or read will surely be more exciting than what’s going on in Toledo Ohio. Everything I read so far has been quite funny and well written. A little break from a grey day here. Thanks Debbie!

    • debra

      thanks SO MUCH scott! believe me, toledo sounds peaceful (if chilly!) to me. livin’ la vida loca in LA is crazy and kind of exhausting, but it makes for good blog fodder, i guess. hope you’ll check in often and keep the comments coming!

  4. Hi Debbie! It’s Shana. I really like your blog. I’m so happy I can follow you now. I am actually starting one on here with my friend. How do you make your blog so nice looking? Not just boring and ordinary? ❀

    • debra

      hey cutie! thank you so much for reading/commenting. i will send you an email to follow up, but in the meantime i hope you’ll keep checking in with Mother Drucker! She loves you! πŸ™‚

  5. Lisa

    I’m diggin’ the DailyCandy vibe. Have you seen UrbanDaddy? I’m on the RSS feed now so I’ll keep current.
    Lisa Brown-Coleman

    • debra

      thank you SO MUCH lady!! this means a TON coming from you! i have seen urban daddy — good stuff! did i mention how AMAZING you look? dude. you are putting all other hot mommas to shame! you’re doing it wrong — you’re supposed to get older, remember?! πŸ™‚ thanks again! miss you!

  6. Rachel Chorley

    Hi Debbie,

    I love “Mother Drucker”…one of the most clever blog titles. Best of luck to you and keep your witty articles coming!


    • debra

      aw, thanks so much for reading, rachel! and if you ever find yourself out here on the left coast, please let me know so i can show you around! πŸ™‚

  7. Nicole Korensky

    I don’t see you on FB anymore…are you no longer a member?!?
    Hope you are doing well-i’m sure you’re nice in warm in CA vs. this COLLLDDDD IL weather.
    Say hello to your p’s for me!

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