If You’re on a Diet, Druck & Cover

Mississippi Mud Bars. I think I'm in love.

I was gonna write about my St. Paddy’s night with awesome pal Daniel at the lovely Shade Hotel Bar in Manhattan Beach, followed by a quick shot of Bailey’s at a nondescript Irish bar and an ill-advised mound of sad, soggy spinach at The Kettle, but NO. I will write about a genius blog that awesome pal Adra shared with me: Cooking On the Side.

As in, the recipes printed ‘on the side’ of the food packages in her kitchen. (Clever girl!) This adorable San Diego writer/baker/blogger person is regularly testing these recipes AND taking beautiful pictures of them! (If I didn’t love her so much, I’d have to take her down.)

As I’ve mentioned before, I often LOVE the recipes you find on food packaging. Because they do so much R&D, to quote awesome pal Bri. In fact my favorite, foolproof key lime pie recipe came right off the bag of key limes. So for my next trick, thanks to Cooking on the Side, perhaps this:

Crab, scallion and tomato quiche. Good, gooder and GOODEST.

She says it’s one of her top three she’s done for her blog, and I believe it. LOOK at all the crabby goodness! Out of idle curiosity (and a bit of blog envy), I did a quick scan and I can’t find any failures on her site! No Pillsbury pie-crust disasters or hot kitchen catastrophes. How does she do it?!

I guess I’m just a hot mess.


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