Druck It to Me Cake

It’s actually “Sock It to Me” cake. I made it for my friend Tom’s birthday, and I’m guessing it’s a Southern thing. My mom makes a similar one she calls “Sour Cream Coffee Cake,” and Corner Bakery makes an exorbitantly priced version called Cinnamon Creme Cake. But any way you slice it, it’s a rich, buttery bundt cake with a delicate crumb and a cinnamon streusel tunnel baked right in.

The slices are so pretty!

I found the recipe at good ol’ Duncan Hines, and as the very satisfied recipient of many a Betty Crocker birthday cake, you won’t catch me hatin’ on cake mix. I did make one change — instead of using the recommended tub of Duncan Hines vanilla frosting, I made a powdered sugar glaze. (One cup sifted powdered sugar, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp vanilla. Whisk in a few drops of milk at a time until you reach the perfect drizzling consistency.)

Simply GORGEOUS glaze.

In other exciting news, I used my brand-new food processor for the first time to chop the pecans for the cake! (It was a Christmas gift from last year. I fear things with spinning blades. Garbage disposals, food processors, helicopter propellers, etc.)

Let's get one thing straight pal. In this kitchen, I AM THE FOOD PRO.

Worked like a charm, and I can’t wait for my next chopportunity! (Oh Drucker, you ARE a clever girl.) It says you can use it to chop soft cheeses. Can soft cheeses be chopped? I will let you know!

Drizzling Tip: I saw Paula Deen do this and thought it was awfully smart. Arrange four strips of waxed paper on your cake platter in a square, leaving an uncovered square in the center so you can slide the strips out when you’re done drizzling. Drizzle with abandon. Remove strips and VOILA. No drips on your platter and no schmears where you tried (in vain) to wipe off the drips.


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  1. plkimin

    Wishing you a big-girl food processor some day soon

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