Pumpkin Mess is Actually Druckin Tasty

Because it’s fall in some parts of the world (it’s supposed to be 86° in LA this weekend!), people are thinkin’ pumpkin. Especially this easy Pumpkin Bread Pudding recipe from Gourmet, 10/07. After reading about it here and here, I just had to try it, even though the boyfriend promptly re-named it ‘Pumpkin Mess’ and refused to eat even the tiniest bite.

This picture makes it look so pretty... In the pan, not so much.

The top baked up golden, crisp and slightly salty from the butter, while the soft custard underneath was just dishy –the kind of thing that gives to the gentle pressure of your spoon in the most satisfying way. It’s the love child of pumpkin pie and French toast, and it would be just as at home on a brunch table as it would be at a fall dinner party, served warm in white ramekins with creme anglaise or softened ice cream.

It's deliciousness, cubed.

Or the way I ate it, scooped straight from the oven into a waiting bowl, and consumed while snuggling on my boyfriend’s couch, watching Arrested Development. (Yay, movie!)

Tip: The recipe calls for 5 cups of day-old baguette, cubed, and I had no idea how much baguette that was, so I bought two. Turns out, I only needed 3/4 of one standard-length baguette. But if you simply love baguettes, by all means, buy two.


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