A Druckin Salad Sojourn

Yes, I said salad. I know this normally a safe haven for all things sweet and sinful, but hey — salad starts with an ‘s’ too. I saw these gorgeous salads in the LA Times food section, and noticed that one of them particularly made a splash in the world of food bloggery.

Click for handy instructional video!

Nancy Silverton, thank you for explaining how to do this! Assemble a salad in layers?! GENIUS. I’m always so annoyed at how the good stuff ends up at the bottom. Nancy makes it easy to assemble the perfect bite! I also want to make her olive and rosemary focaccia someday. You know, when I fulfill my true destiny as a lady of leisure. And I haven’t been to the Grove in awhile, but apparently this is happening. Very exciting for burger-lovin’ Angelenos!

And then there’s this, courtesy of BLD in LA:

Click this gorgeous picture for the recipe.

I just think this is a brilliant collaboration of flavors — ginger, soy sauce, sweet rice vinegar, honey and lemon juice, with sweet corn, creamy avocado, crunchy French beans and salty cashews. (I have an aversion to sprouts, so I would omit those.)

These ragged little newspaper clippings have been haunting my daybook for weeks, so it’s a huge relief to finally get them up here and make room for that Bar Method coupon that’s about to expire, my gas bill and my flight info for Thanksgiving. What an exciting life I do lead.


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