Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Jalapenos & Corn? Druck Me.

Prepare yourself. I’m about to say something that borders on un-American: I often find mac ‘n’ cheese bland and porridge-y. It’s a deceptively difficult dish. You have to cook the pasta perfectly al dente, or it will turn to mush in the oven.

You have to season (and maybe slightly over-season) carefully, taking into consideration that pasta is spongy and will soak up the saltiness of the cheeses and somehow redistribute it into the atmosphere, you know not where. And to breadcrumb or not to breadcrumb? That IS the question.

Corn you ear me? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

So when I saw this recipe in the LA Times Food Section, courtesy of a national restaurant chain called Famous Dave’s, I was intrigued. Corn? Jalapenos? Whaaaaaat?! The sweetness of the corn, coupled with the kick of the jalapenos and the (fingers crossed) saltiness of the cheese could make this a very satisfying hybrid of a cheesy corn casserole (YUM!) and good ol’ pasta y formaggio.

Instead of making this myself, I figured I’d just swing by Famous Dave’s. Too bad the closest one is in Long Beach! And while I’m on the subject, the logo with the pig wielding a slab of ribs is SERIOUSLY disturbing.

Hey piggie! Why ya eatin' yourself?! Huh? Stop eatin' yourself!

For one thing, that pig is a CANNIBAL. For another, I’m a city girl who doesn’t like to be reminded that she’s eating actual ANIMALS. Come on, Famous Dave! Meat comes from the STORE. Everyone knows that!

If you make this, or have an even more intriguing mac n cheese recipe, disturbing logo or personal experience with cannibalism, please let me know! I live to hear from you!



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3 responses to “Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Jalapenos & Corn? Druck Me.

  1. Molly

    We have a Famous Daves in Westlake! Come visit!

    • debra

      haha i need to make some and bring it up there for a pool party, lady!! we’ll make it happen — luckily we live in hellay so there’s LOTS of summer left! hey have you tried that malibu fish grill on pch? we stopped there for a late lunch last wknd and while i didn’t indulge, the fush and chups (kiwi spelling!) smelled heavenly. (and the view of the ocean and all the beautiful malibunians (sp?) wasn’t half bad, either!!) miss you! thanks for reading!

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Debbie, I’m not a fan of mac ‘n’ cheese but I’ll stop by Famous Dave’s in Vernon Hills and give it a try. Miss you!

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