Snicker Druckin Doodles

I made SNICKERDOODLES, y’all! How fun is that just to SAY?!! I feel like a German grandma must’ve created these cookies after calling her grandkinder “Mein Schnickerdoodlen” or something like that. They were a big hit on the beach last weekend and my boyfriend scarfed at least a half dozen before any schnickerdoodlen even left the house.

It almost looks like this cookie is smiling at me...

I did my due diligence and found that there are two basic recipes copied all over the interwebs, and even merge in a few places. It comes down to leavening — cream of tartar and baking soda or just baking powder? And shortening — butter and Crisco or just butter?

For leavening, one ingredient is easier/cheaper than two, am I right? Hellooooo baking powder. Some people say they hate the chemical flavor that baking powder imparts, but I don’t taste it. Dear Dr. Phil, does this mean there’s something wrong with me?!

For shortening, as I have previously stipulated, I’m generally a fan of half butter for flavor, half Imperial margarine for texture. So that’s the direction I went.

Kind of a klassy picture for such a casual blog post.

And besides, I fear the Crisco. My crazy refrigerator that houses an entire glacier in the back once sucked up a tub of Crisco that had been there since the first Dubya administration, never to be seen nor heard from again.

Your dog has a tick? Use Crisco to smother it. Then, bake a pie! Hooray!

When a recipe calls for “shortening,” I generally assume that means Crisco or pork lard, and even though many a great Southern cook scoops solid fat into everything from sky-high biscuits to the flakiest of flaky pie crusts, Crisco (to me) still looks like something you’d use to lube engine parts or spackle your window.

Okay! Now that the great shortening debate is outta the way, ready for your kitchen-tested, Mother Drucker-approved recipe ? Here she is, mein schnickerdoodlen.

10/21/11 edit. Oh. Em. Gee. In researching pumpkin snickerdoodles for another post, I realized that I forgot to put the yield AND the leavening. WHOOPS. If you made these and they fell flat, invoice me and I’ll reimburse you. As for a REAL snickerdoodle recipe, Mrs. Sigg’s Snix seem to be the hottest on the interwebs. Go forth and bake well.

And on a sort of related but not technically germane note, I must make these Martha Stewart snickerdoodle cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting someday, right?!

Martha, you sly minx. You had me at cinnamon cream cheese.



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5 responses to “Snicker Druckin Doodles

  1. John P

    First I must say that I “luv” yah. There, now that that is out of the way. Big ups for SNICKER-DICKERY-DOODLES. My absolute favorite all time can’t be beat cookie. See, “your boyfriend” and I do have something in common (I mean other than you). Anyway, Tricia, for my birthday one year, made me Snickerdoodles as a surprise. It took her 4 batches to get it right. The best part is that she made bread (or in this case cookie) pudding using the undesirables. Yummy it was! If you do make the M. Stewart c-cake, let me know how it turns out, I am more than a little intrigued.

    • debra

      ooooh snickery-dickery-doodles is my new fave thing to say — and i MUST get tricia’s recipe for ‘cookie’ bread pudding!!! (cream? eggs? butter?) AND to get her winning snickerdoodle recipe! if she’ll share, pls email them to me! btw, it was pure joy to see you both, would love to do that more often. now MOVE TO SOCAL DAMMIT! 🙂 and keep the comments coming — luv ya!

  2. Anonymous

    Can’t believe you went NO cream of tartar. Your mother will be quite disappointed. If she taught me (the non-cook) one thing about baking, it was that the KEY INGREDIENT in snickerdoodles is CREAM OF TARTAR. Try again!

    • debra

      hmmm your comment intrigues me…. in the cream of tartar vs baking powder SMACKDOWN, is there a noticeable difference in flavor? since no one will complain if i whip up another batch, i may have to accept your COT challenge… will you perhaps provide the recipe? i will credit you of course. but not until after i make those INSANE s’mores. capiche? 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I will forward when I can find it. I believe it is in the famed CUP “Beyond Peanut Butter” cookbook.

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