6 Druckin Degrees in Chicago

Nope, that’s not the temperature. Although that happens A LOT in Chicago, which is why I live in LA.

6 Degrees just happens to be a fantastic Bucktown bar awesome pal John introduced me to — and they may very well be the only drinking/dining establishment in Chicago to serve an authentic HORSESHOE. It looks like this:


Two open-faced burgers on bread, completely obscured by a mountain of fries, slathered in cheese sauce. Too much food? WUSS. Order a Pony Shoe, which is the same thing with one burger. The cheese sauce is different everywhere, but it’s almost always good (when is cheese sauce bad?) and never good for you. Here is a picture of 6 Degrees so you can find it:

But will the valet park my horse for me?

John is from Springfield, IL, which (for you geography buffs) is the state capital. Springfield is where Illinois governors go before they go to prison, and where normal people go to eat Horseshoes. Fresh from the field. YUM!

There’s some dispute over who created the toe-tappin’ treat, but most agree that it was at Springfield’s Leland Hotel in 1928. Here’s what it might have looked like, if you’d been there.

My grandpa, Harold Baldridge, is buried in Springfield. I miss him.

That’s about 220 miles, 3.5 hours away from Bucktown, but Springfielders feel right at home in this friendly neighborhood joint. They weren’t 100% impressed by my fancy footwear, perfectly appropriate by LA standards but not quite at home in a sea of booted Bears fans:

Not my exact shoe, but close enough for biochemistry, as my Dad would say.

But I don’t mind; I’ll take the stares. I only own two pairs of closed-toe shoes, anyway. And I’ve always thought of Bucktown as an artsy, edgy, anything-goes neighborhood. My sister, a former denizen of squeaky-clean Lincoln Park,  used to say it was trashy. Literally. Trash everywhere. What a realtor would call, ‘distinct urban charm.’

These days, gritty Damen Ave looks more gentrified than ever. Cute boutiques are everywhere, like the fashionista favorite, Veruca Salt. And the adorable Bucktown Beanery coffee shop.

Chicago is full o'beans.

It was so charmant that for a nanosecond, I thought — I could live here. Then I thought about 6 degrees the temperature, not the bar, and violently shook the notion off, like a wet dog. I also thought about this guy:

Yep, that's right. It's me. Mother Drucker. No need to point.

Kevin Bacon at 6 degrees would be like an actual Hippo showing up to a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. In other words, UNBELIEVABLE. Kevin, if you’re reading this, your first Horseshoe is on me, buddy. We’ll start with James Gandolfini. GO.



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7 responses to “6 Druckin Degrees in Chicago

  1. John P

    If it were anybody else, I would think that one post containing horseshoes, Springfield, Bucktown, fabulous fashion must haves, coffee and Kevin Bacon was totally random. Not you. Totally love it and you! Next time, let me know you’re in town. Please.

    • debra

      awwwww you just MADE MY DAY!! for REALS!!! and you’re so right, i’ve never thought about the collective impact of my scattered brain, but i should prob seek counseling. 😉 i will be back in chi for papa bear’s 70th bday over new year’s eve wknd, are you in town? love you so much — so blessed to have you in my life!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m not sure which item has me drooling more….melted cheese over fries & burgers, the shoes or Mr.Bacon…even saying Bacon makes me drool! Mmmmmm!

  3. Robbie

    Debbie, I’m all about the shoes! melted cheese is good on anything!
    Great seeing you on turkey day.

    • debra

      great seeing you!! those shoes ARE indeed fab. i may need to get them in addition to the ones that look just like them. 😉 thanks for reading!!

  4. JT

    “Springfield is where Illinois governors go before they go to prison” is the most brilliant description of my hometown I’ve ever heard…I’m officially stealing that line Drucker! Of course I’ll give you full creative credit!
    Glad you could make it to 6 Degrees and I thought the shoes were fabulous!!

    • debra

      about TIME i heard from you, mister! was a joy spending time w/you. i’ll be in touch over new year’s wknd, and if i get a spare minute, let’s shoe it again!! 🙂 thanks for the kudos and for reading! see you soon.

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