Druck Marry Kill Show, Yay!

Saw a great show last week, starring my honestly hysterical and hysterically honest pal Molly Prather.


She gave great gab on dating, mating and berating ex-boyfriends, finding herself in Europe, dressing up like a sexy cop and upsetting the residents of an NYC crack house (his idea, not hers), love, loss and how sometimes, the universe gives us what we need the most when we least expect it.

Molly’s show was just for two nights in November, but you can catch her at The Moth StorySLAMS from time to time. I wet myself (just a little) when I think of how scary it must be to get up in front of a group of funny people and relay an unrehearsed tale which may or may not be remotely amusing. But this girl is FEARLESS. And she has great taste in footwear.

Molly’s former Brooklyn roomate Kimmy opened the show for her, and now I’m cursed with a fully justifiable girl-crush. (Thanks, Molly!) She is absolutely gorgeous. She sings an ode to her ex long-distance boyfriend and, accompanied by her guitar, describes their dysfunctional phone sex. “Sorry, can you hold on? That’s my mom on the other line.”)

That's my girl in the middle, Cora. Their logo makes me want a bowl of Apple Jacks.

She performs with The Apple Sisters Variety Show and I hear that they will be at Largo on December 15 and I want to be there. For her. I want to be there for her.


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