That’s Druckin Crafty! Oreo Snowpeople

Just don't eat YELLOW snowpeople. Okay?

How druckin’ cute is that?! And I made it MYSELF. You can too! It was easy. You can buy the limited edition ‘Holiday’ white-chocolate covered Oreo cookies at your local Ralph’s, Jewel or Piggly Wiggly, then just paint half the cookie with sugary ‘glue’ (recipe below), submerge in sprinkles, shake off excess, then dot with a toothpick dipped in dark chocolate. Or do this:

20 chocolate sandwich cookies
12-oz package of white chocolate chips
1 tablespoon vegetable oil or solid shortening (Crisco)
½ – ¾ cup red sugar sprinkles
2-3 oz. semi sweet chocolate chips
Candy for nose and hat decoration

In a double-boiler or microwave, melt white chocolate and oil until melted and smooth. Use tongs to dip each sandwich cookie into white chocolate. Coat evenly. Place dipped cookie on waxed paper. Carefully sprinkle half of cookie with red sprinkles to make a hat, or see alternative ‘tip’ below. Leave cookies on waxed paper until completely set. (Store in refrigerator to speed up the process.)

Once dipped cookies are set, melt semi-sweet chocolate in microwave, heating on full power for 15-20 second bursts, stirring between bursts until smooth. Dip the tip of a toothpick in melted chocolate and carefully dot each cookie to create eyes and a mouth. Use candy dots for nose and hat décor.

Tip: Instead of dipping in or sprinkling cookies with red sugar sprinkles, mix ½ cup powdered sugar with water (one teaspoon at a time) until you reach a ‘glue’ consistency. Using a small paintbrush, paint the sugar ‘glue’ on half the dipped cookie, then generously cover with sprinkles.

And for my next trick, I may just have to make this:

Thank you for the gorgeous picture, flickr photographer/addiction enabler.

That cream-cheese and Cool Whip filling sounds Whiskey Tango good to me, like a ginormous Suzy Q, for those of you who remember that synthetically-flavored, chemical-filled Hostess treat. I think you should have a party so I can make that. For you. Make that for you. When will you expect me?



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2 responses to “That’s Druckin Crafty! Oreo Snowpeople

  1. Tanya

    How about this weekend? Just bring your parka & snow boots…as it is a balmy -31 degrees here today with the windchill. Yayee!

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