LA Macarons Are Druckin Pricey

Everyone seems to be over cupcakes. When did this happen? I’ve heard from more than one reliable source that macarons (meringue-like almond ‘sandwich’ type cookies with fun fillings) are the new cupcakes. As a frosting fiend, I take issue with this. I’m not ready to let go of cupcakes.

But for foodie pal Arianna’s bday, nothing but the trendiest treat will do, so I swung by Paulette Macarons in Beverly Hills. (Take off the ‘s’ and she sounds like a mobster’s wife. “Nobody messes with Paulette Macaron, capito?”)

Like Skittles on steroids.

Those babies are $1.60 a piece, if you can believe it. (It is Beverly Hills, after all. Shocking they don’t charge for the rare air…) The colors are GORGEOUS. Green pistachio, red raspberry, lemon yellow. But are they magically delicious?

These BH babes plumped up for their photo opp. Mine were flatter.

Arianna sampled the coconut one and proclaimed it incredible. I didn’t try one (I like my sugary calories in cupcake, cookie or cocktail form) but I promise that I will next time. In spite of charging for the sexy, platinum-colored sleeve that lines up the cookies like crayons in a box, they don’t gift bag it for you with tissue and bow, and for this, Paulette loses points.

Still, though, that Paulette is one smart cookie to be on top of the trend. And even if these are a little light and dainty for a heavy-handed frosting fiend like me, I can see the appeal. So happy birthday, Arianna! Here’s hoping that this year is the sweetest yet.



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4 responses to “LA Macarons Are Druckin Pricey

  1. John P

    You think $1.95 is high? last year during a trip to Paris, my wife stood in line for what seemed like days to get her hands on some light and fluffy macarons at Laduree. I thought she was insane. That is until I tasted. Worth every bit of the bank roll it took to get them (equivalent of $35US for 6). I wish they traveled better. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • debra

      OMG i am SO jealous that you tried laduree!! and so interested to hear that they were worth the cost and the wait. i wish they traveled better, too!! thanks for reading, love. now that i broke up w/facebook i’m even MORE grateful to the MD devoted. ๐Ÿ™‚ please give my love to your macaron-lovin’ mrs!

  2. I just saw this! Happy Birthday to meeeee!

    The macaroons were, indeed, magically delicious, but I’m sad to learn how much you paid for them. I mean, I love me some Diddy Reese, too; I think those babies are about $.25 a cookie – and Diddy Reese doesn’t charge for packaging.

    But they sure made a delicious birthday gift. Glad you could make it!

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