Four Daughters Is a Druckin Happy Place

I have to tell you about this cheeseburger I had last night. We’re in LOVE. It’s called the Big Daddy, and we met at 4 Daughters Kitchen in Manhattan Beach. I want to see it again tonight. And the night after that.

I can haz it?!

Look at it! Gaze upon its beauty! This particular version is from a Chicago eatery called BIG & little’s, but the basic idea is the same.

4DK (as those in the know call 4 Daughters Kitchen) describes it like this: American cheese, fried egg, lettuce, mayo, tomato and special 4DK burger sauce. I would describe it as GENIUS. The ‘special sauce’ is a spicy Thousand Island, with just the right proportion of sweet to heat. (Like any good boyfriend should be.)

California cuties!

And what kind of a monster are you if you don’t love a place called 4 Daughters Kitchen?! Dreamily located in North Manhattan Beach, four blocks from the sand, in a historic surfing district called El Porto, this place is almost too cute to be true, as if it were cooked up by a creative set designer.

Our state is bankrupt and the entire nation is sick of us. But we're cute!

I’m seeing a rom-com wherein La Aniston, a surf-loving waitress, serves the following breakfast sandwich to fish-out-of-water NYC investment banker Ryan Reynolds, who is stuck in town rehabbing his dead father’s beloved beach house. A coast-to-coast comedy ensues:

The 4DK Sunrise Sandwich, which I may never get to try, since choc chip pancakes are on the menu.

4DK owner Clint Clausen may SEEM like just another local parent, struggling to make it in the competitive restaurant biz, but in reality, he’s a former executive VP for ‘dining and nightlife juggernaut SBE‘ (thanks, LA Times!).

He may have traded in his Ferragamos for flip-flops, but this is a man who understands what people want, and where. In Hollywood, they want the Colony, where commoners aren’t welcome unless summoned by the very rich, famous or beautiful. In Manhattan Beach, they want relaxed, family-friendly and inviting.

One daughter out of four. How cute is she?!

I already have plans to see my burger again on Sunday. And this time, I’m getting sweet potato fries instead of salad on the side AND I’m eating that toasty, buttery bun in its entirety. Heck, it’s a cheat day — maybe I’ll get TWO!



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2 responses to “Four Daughters Is a Druckin Happy Place

  1. John P

    Next time I am in LA, we are going there!

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