Druckin Delicious Popover Recipe

I wrote about BLT last year, as you can see here. And if memory serves, I even waxed rhapsodic about the popovers. Recently, I went to BLT here in LA, and fell in love all over again. How the hell do they DO this?!

Why don'tcha pop on over and see me sometime?

It’s just EGGS, for cry-y. Milk, flour, salt, gruyere. And yet, like so many good things, it transcends the sum of its parts. An unholy hybrid of custard and brioche, popovers beg me to pull them apart and butter their delicate insides like a popover-cidal maniac. Mwahhahahahaha.

Even with the nutty, salty, slightly Swiss-cheesy hint of gruyere, I would happily wake up to a warm basket of these for breakfast and shamelessly slather them with jam. JAM.


The most annoying element of this recipe (other than the fact that things like this never actually ‘popover’ for me, and instead sit sullenly in their little cups, pouting and refusing to rise) is the need for a popover pan.

Could also double as rows of tiny flower pots. Or cat bowls.

Generally, I’m opposed to things that require their own fancy pan. (What Alton Brown likes to call a uni-tasker.) I live in a studio apartment that I have semi-affectionately named “Tokyo Smalls.” Therefore, storage is a problem and how many occasions really require a popover pan? Very few, I assure you.

So unless I move on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky, I’ll just hope that rich friends and family members with more spacious kitchens will purchase popover pans for my periodic use. Here is BLT’s recipe. If you A. have a popover pan and B. want me to come over, you know what to do.

BLT Popovers
Makes 12

4 c. milk, warmed
8 eggs
4 c. flour
1 ½ heaping tbsp. salt
2 ¼ c. grated Gruyere

1. Place the popover pan in the oven. Heat the oven and pan to 350º.

2. Gently warm the milk over low heat and set aside.

3. Whisk the eggs until frothy and slowly whisk in the milk (so as not to cook the eggs). Set the mixture aside.

4. Sift the flour with the salt. Slowly add this dry mixture to the egg mixture and gently combine until mostly smooth.

5. Remove the popover pan from the oven and spray with nonstick vegetable spray.

6. While the batter is still slightly warm, fill each popover cup three-fourths full.

7. Top each popover with approximately 2 ½ tbsps. of the grated cheese.

8. Bake at 350º for 50 minutes, rotating pan half a turn after fifteen minutes, until the popovers are golden brown.

9. Take out of oven, remove from pan, and serve immediately.


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