Druck You, Gyenari Korean BBQ

I am so mad at Gyenari Korean BBQ that it hurts me to even talk about it. (Warning — even their LINK is annoying.) Perhaps a haiku will help:

Gyenari is
Korean for sad service.
Ahi salad. No.

Gyenari looks pretty, leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Or a limerick:

Gyenari Korean BBQ,
you did a good job of making me hate you.
That beef is a joke,
all mirrors and smoke.
Overpriced, underwhelmed, boo hoo.

I jumped into a burning ring of proteins. And they burned, burned, burned.

The menu is super-confusing and our waiter was flagrantly disinterested. Sample: “Oh, you want rice? Be sure to mention it to the guy who delivers your food.” (?!?!) I had to grab the corner of his shirt (for REAL!) to keep him around long enough for a short, half-assed explanation of all the kim-chi and side dishes.

I asked him what to do with the accompanying sheets of seaweed (a.k.a. nori) and was met with a vaguely disgusted stare, a shrug, and the sight of his back as he beat a hasty retreat into the kitchen.

According to Yelp, these pickled dishes are called banchan. I would call them exorbitantly overpriced.

The ahi salad was practically inedible — uneven, one-note wasabi dressing, horrifically chewy ahi and huge mushy wedges of unseasoned avocado — and no bargain at $17. The Gyenari galbee (prime aged beef short rib/house signature marinade) was, in fairness, nicely seasoned. But for $28, we each got about five quarter-sized pieces of beef. NOT AN EXAGGERATION.

Thank God the busboy brought me that rice I asked him for, or I would’ve had to follow up my $70 meal with a $2 In & Out Burger. (That’s $70 for one cocktail, one cup of tea, a salad and under a 1/4 lb. of beef.)

Please don’t give these people any money. If their business makes like kim chi and goes sour, maybe something GOOD will take their place! Yay, something good.



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2 responses to “Druck You, Gyenari Korean BBQ

  1. Tanya

    No pressure, but I think you’re overdue for a post my sweet. 🙂

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