Deep Fried Oreos = Druck Yeah I Did

I like things that aren’t good for me. Especially the three Bs — booze, bacon and butter. (Wait, make it 4 — better add ‘boys.’) Two of those items are available deep-fried at the Orange County Fair, and where deep-fried butter (garlic or cinnamon) and bacon go, can deep-fried martinis be far behind?

A small step more prudent than deep-fried cupcakes, also available.

Scoff if you must, but deep-fried Oreos (DFOs) are druckin’ delicious. And why wouldn’t they be? As my mom astutely pointed out, it’s basically a doughnut (hush puppy, fritter, etc.) golden and crisp on the outside, fluffy and cake-like on the inside, filled with a warm, melty Oreo. YUM.

I took that little red basket DOWN. Final tally on the DFOs: Debra, 2.5. Awesome pal Chi, 1.5. In fairness, he’d already eaten one of these:

Taking food porn to the next level.

I can’t BELIEVE I’m posting this, people. I hope you feel the love, because that picture is blackmail worthy. Thanks, Chi, for taking my picture and letting me hold your weiner.

ANYWAY. As I was saying. Corn dogs make people smile. As Chi said, maybe we should just rain corn dogs down on Iran. Everyone would be so fat and happy. We would look like heroes now, and have the last laugh later when everyone dies of heart disease brought on by obesity. Welcome to our world, skinny Middle Easterners! Better look into a plus-size caftan and an extra-sturdy camel.

And speaking of plus-size:

Kinda like a latke on steroids.

We also put a big dent in a huge portion of Australian battered potatoes with (what else!) ranch dressing, nacho cheese and a side of sweet chili sauce, just like I used to love in New Zealand!

Somewhere during this pig-out of epic proportion, we squeezed in a pig race:

Chi called it a bacon race.

Why don’t they take bets on this thing?! My favorite little girl pig Strawberry won it ALL! I like to think that maybe the farmer will spare her now, like Wilbur or Babe. (She’s a celebrity! She’s hit the pig time and she’s gonna hog the spotlight.)

The sweet faces of ALL the animals made me wish most sincerely that cheeseburgers and lamb kabobs would stop tasting so good.

I want him to come home with me. And for him to stay small forever, like Gary Coleman.

But what can I say — I like bacon and baby-back ribs. I like them a lot.



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3 responses to “Deep Fried Oreos = Druck Yeah I Did

  1. Tanya

    Come to the Calgary Stampede, we’ve got that goodness and deep fried coke (a-cola) along with pickles on a stick. Anything on a stick seems to make one smile. 🙂

    PS-You’re looking the EXACT same as the day we met! 😀

    • debra

      aw bless your heart, sugar!!!!! you made my day. deep fried coca cola?! how the HECK?! when is this stampede of which you speak? sounds like fun!

  2. Tanya

    Starts the first Friday in July every year! For ten days everyone’s a cowboy or cowgirl, there’s the rodeo, chuckwagon races, free pancakes breakfasts thru’ out the city. It is insanity & hilarity with boots on.

    The midway is where they deep-fry anything, each year something new gets added. Perhaps worth a visit for some material for your blog. 🙂

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