What the Druck to Do with Blackberries

I am so sorry to have been gone so long. I feel more like a bad boyfriend than a supportive Mother Drucker who is always here for you. But in my heart, it’s the Mother one. I’ve been traipsing around a lot lately, tra lee, tra laa. Hawaii, and Lake Arrowhead, respectively. But we can discuss those sojourns at a later date. For now, let’s pick blackberries:

String them together for a necklace you can EAT!

My wonderful Auntie Trish scored three gorgeous pints of these gem-toned beauties and gifted me with them, as she’s well aware of my pie-baking prowess. (Forgive, I’ve been reading a lot of Kipling.) Of course, you could eat them fresh, with a light shower of sugar and a generous dollop of cream. But when life gives me fresh blackberries, I MUST find a way to butter them. So I did!

I took this pic myself. As I'm sure you can tell.

I searched for “blackberry crumble,” “blackberry crisp” and “blackberry cobbler.” Crumble seems to be a more English/Aussie thing, often incorporating oats. Cobbler is kind of like biscuit dough or dumplings, floating on the fruit. Noooo…. Crisp is butter, sugar, flour, similar to pie crust but less persnickety — perfect for my lazy summer mood. WINNER.

When fruit is this good, the best thing to do is keep the recipe simple and let the star of the show take center stage. I used my hands to gently toss the fruit, cut in the butter with my new brand pastry blender (thanks, Surfas!):

Careful. Take it from me, those edges are bloody sharp.

I had this bodacious blackberry beauty in the oven in 15 minutes flat. (EASY!) And it’s the best thing I’ve baked in a long time. The berries were jammy and sweet, but still firm and juicy. The topping stayed golden brown and crisp, with a bit of creaminess where it met the fruit, which didn’t in the least detract from the overall give and take of crunchy top and soft berry bottom.

If I were not so GREEDY, I would have taken a picture of the pretty crisp in a bowl with a scoop of Haagen-Dazs vanilla making creamy, delectable inroads into the virgin purple fruit. BUT NO. I ate it all up. So I stole this picture. I can assure you, it’s very accurate:

Oh you are so HOT I must have you again this weekend. Farmers' Market. 11 am. Be there.

Okay, okay enough with the chit chat, lemme give you the recipe already! This makes 8 servings and uses 5 pints of blackberries. Since I only had 3 pints, I halved the berry ingredients, but made the full topping recipe. I probably used 2/3 of my topping mix and threw the rest away. And I’d do it again.

Blackberry Crisp

1.5 cups all purpose flour
3/4 c light brown sugar
1/2 c (one stick) cold unsalted butter, cut into small pieces (I use salted butter and omit the next ingredient)
1 tsp coarse salt
2 3/4 lbs (5 pints) fresh blackberries
2 tablespoons instant tapioca
3/4 c granulated white sugar
1 tablespoon grated orange zest, plus 1/4 c. orange juice

Preheat oven to 375•. Combine flour, brown sugar, butter and salt with a pastry cutter (or pulse in a food processor) until mix resembles coarse crumbs. In a large bowl, use your hands to gently toss together blackberries, tapioca, granulated sugar, orange zest and juice. Pour blackberry mixture into a 2-quart baking dish. Sprinkle evenly with flour mixture. Bake until topping is golden and juices are bubbling, about 50 minutes. Let cool at least 20 minutes. Serve warm or at room temperature.



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2 responses to “What the Druck to Do with Blackberries

  1. MernieMern

    Geezus Druckie I’ve been catching up here, and it’s been a sweet torture. Ya killing me slow, Drucks, like pulled pork. When are ya gonna make me something good to eat? I have a big kitchen, we should plan a feast. I will serve cocktails, and
    maybe we will cook. We will for sure wear cute aprons.

    • debra

      oh you had me at pulled pork, but i was a GONER at cute aprons!!! i’ve always wanted one!!! i’d like mine to have ruffles, and special pockets for my lipgloss and vodka flask. i miss you mernie mern!!!!! we’ll def need to cook in your kitchen soon, or you can always let me know if felix & hortensia are having a bbq… 😉

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