Hot as Druck in Palm Desert

There’s a reason you can get a great deal at La Quinta Resort (a Waldorf Astoria) in Palm Desert mid-July.  It’s a reward for being crazy enough to spend the weekend in the desert when it’s 115• outside. As I believe we’ve already established here, I’m pretty druckin’ crazy.

Haute water. Now I know what a poached egg feels like.

Luckily there’s an oasis that serves vodka. The water was almost as warm as the air, so it was like swimming in soup. But I loved the pool bar with its cooling mists and amazing service, such as brewing a fresh pot of coffee especially for me, chilling it over ice, then serving it poolside, already creamed and sugared. (Just like the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru used to do in Chicago. Sigh.)

At night, when temps cooled to a chilly 109•, we dined at Castelli’s, a classy strip mall Italian joint with Rat Pack flair. The garlic bread and flash-fried calamari were molto bene, and the atmosphere is pure Soprano family. Dark and cool (yay!) with big plates of pasta, a sunny front patio and a piano player softly crooning Sinatra.

Castelli's cioppino. Think that seafood is fresh? Fuggedaboudit.

And speaking of Ol’ Blue Eyes, he had a house in the area (I learned this from Next Food Network Star) called Twin Palms, and for probably a zillion billion dollars, you could even rent it for your next big event:

Ol' blue pool.

Finally, we drank WAY too much port at Morgan’s in the desert, an upscale bar/restaurant with live music and friendly bartenders. The ignominiously named ‘Rhubarb Slump” dessert was upright and outstanding, with a perfect balance of fruit, brown-sugary crumble crust, and ice cream. As you can see, Morgan’s is a pretty place to enjoy air conditioning:

Morgan's in the desert. Deserted.

The piano player told me that in season, Clint Eastwood is a regular. And I did feel like a lucky punk to be there all right, even if I was sweltering in the hot, sticky lap of luxury. Next time, APRIL.



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6 responses to “Hot as Druck in Palm Desert

  1. Hmmm the rumor is that Ava piled all of Franks belongings on the front yard during one of their famed arguments.

    • debra

      ha! love it. isn’t it beautiful? i’d put up with him if i got to live there. and i love the old black and white pics on the twin palms site. ah, the good old days! 🙂 thanks for reading!

  2. Lil Sis Shea

    Why would a person order coffee when it’s 109 degrees out? Iced tea, perhaps?

    • debra

      dangit, i had the word iced in there and somehow as i was shifting stuff around it dropped out. it was in fact ICED coffee and it was delicious!! reminds me of how you turned me on to the dunkin donuts iced coffee drive thru goodness, oh so long ago!

  3. Tanya

    You certainly have the life!
    Glad you clarified the ICED portion there! I was wondering who drinks hot coffee in a swimming pool as warm as soup. 🙂

    • debra

      hahaha this comment cracked me up! thank goodness you and my sis are paying attention. miss you, beauty! thanks for reading!

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