Fair Drucks to Ya, Hotel Erwin in Venice

Met awesome pal Lis for a drink (or three) at the High Rooftop Lounge of the Hotel Erwin last Thursday. It was the perfect summer evening for it — warm enough to be comfortable in a sweater, clear enough to appreciate the stunning 360• views of the Pacific, Venice Beach, and the sparkly lights of LA.

This lounge is called 'High' because it's on the roof. And because it smokes weed.

I love Lisa’s hilarious expressions so I must quote her assessment of the lobby, “In fairness, it’s a bit of an effort.” She was concerned that the bar might mirror the first floor’s hippie chic meets Motel 6 vibe. But once she took in the view from the roof, the lobby was forgotten (and forgiven.)

Dude. Can you smoke that foliage or what?

Appropriately, since it’s on the ocean, High Lounge makes like a pirate and forces you to walk the plank before you can sit down, drink a bottle of yum (I mean RUM!) and admire all the beautiful booty.

$7 Coronas? Shiver me timbers, matey!

And another weird thing is that the loo is two floors down, on the fifth floor, which could prove to be a critical error in an emergency situation. As awesome pal Dan pointed out — the whole outfit seems like an afterthought — like, “Oh yeah, we have a roof! We could probably even serve drinks up there if we hose off all the seagull poop and shift a few AC vents.”

But service is good, the relaxed, beach-casual crowd is all-ages and I’m a fan of boutique hotels. Plus, the DJ was spinning a nostalgic 80s set. That, coupled with a vodka soda, a lovely catch-up session with a dear friend, and a soft ocean breeze made me feel like High is a happy place to be.

Now, if they can’t find a way to move the bathroom, I may have to wear my astronaut diaper. But I’ll be back.

UPDATE/FYI: They had a lot of ‘reserved’ tables — in fact, I shamelessly flirted with an Englishman as he was leaving and then LEAPED over a bench to snag the only ‘non-reserved’ table available. Not quite sure how that works so you might want to call ahead, or plan to wear something revealing, yet safe for vaulting furniture.


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