Gettin My Druck On At L’Ermitage Hotel

L’Ermitage Beverly Hills Hotel is an oasis of tranquility for the rich and famous. (And now, vodka-swilling Mother Druckers like ME! Take that, rich & famous.) It’s deliberately inconspicuous, and therefore difficult to find, which only adds to its mystery and charm.

If you listen vewy caweful, you can hear crisp, green Benjamins, crinkling in the breeze.

BIG DEALS take place here. FANCY PEOPLE live here. (Angelina Jolie’s mum did, for one, and James Woods is rumored to be a permanent resident.) And yet for the price of a $20 martini, you too can sit in the lap of luxury, nibbling complimentary wasabi peas and enjoying the five-star treatment. Just look. Swank, n’est pas?

Those four lit-up squares on the wall are sceenplays. Godfather, Jaws, etc. Fancy!

This particular lounge was and still is referred to as the Writers Bar. (Bona fide screenwriter sighting last night, you guys! And this cutie pie actor.) My amazing friend Herschel introduced me to it when I first moved to LA and it’s still one of my all-time favorite LA places to drink. (They probably have food too, but as you all know, I prefer my calories clear, distilled, and purposeful.)

The cocktails here are magically delicious. I had a dirty martini that was perfectly salty, and yet not polluted with a cloud of olive juice. How is that even possible? Reading the drinks menu was enough to make me throw my on-again ‘no-sugar’ policy out onto the tastefully appointed terrace.

This Moonlight Martini is so last year. But I'm sure it's still good.

Add a fancy wine list, insanely attentive staff, beautiful clientele and a surprisingly relaxed and even convivial vibe, and you’ve got the general idea.  I’m inspired to re-create this atmosphere in my own home, so that overnight guests will want to come back and stay with me again. You know what that means! All-you-can-drink-vodka-sodas, complimentary Pop-Tart breakfast and semi-fresh towels for all my friends!



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2 responses to “Gettin My Druck On At L’Ermitage Hotel

  1. Michele

    I LOVE Lee Pace, oh, and dirty martinis too. Btw, we are long over due for our martini get together!

    • debra

      i know girl he is ADORABLE. seriously, such a sweet smile. now that i read his profile and see that he’s from the south, it all makes sense! thanks for the read, hot stuff — and check FB for the message i am about to send you!! 🙂

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