Joe’s in Venice Is A Druckin Happy Place

If you live in LA or plan to visit the Venice Beach area, you must check out adorable, boulevard-du-jour Abbot Kinney. It’s trendy, charming, artsy, expensive — it’s Melrose hipster meets surfer dude and invites a Santa Monica soccer mom to join the party.

Primary colors are pretty.

At Abbot’s Pizza (considered by many to be the best pizza in LA) body art and bulldogs abound, and the ultra-relaxed vibe is almost collegiate. A few doors down at Primitivo Wine Bistro, however, beautiful people pick at pricey small plates and pretend to hear each over the unusually intrusive roar of the crowd.

Other good choices include Hal’s Bar & Grill, Lilly’s French Cafe and Bar (Yay, homey atmosphere! Boo, food!), the newish Gjelina (more on that next week) and OF COURSE, fantastic coffee at Chicago’s own Intelligentsia. But for a reliable AK experience featuring inventive, memorable meals and a lovely ambiance of laid-back luxury, eat at Joe’s.

Joe Bama.

The salads feature the best of CA produce, and it always amazes me how a humble radish or unassuming artichoke, carefully chosen and tenderly dressed, can remind you that sometimes mother nature is the best chef of all. The menu is short, but each dish is a work of art.

Tomato dessert. Tomato, tomahto, dessert, schmessert.

Thanks to a host of helpful Yelpers (including the one who took the pretty, pilfered pic above) I now know that Joe does brunch. Does he EVER. Check it:

Maine peeky toe crab hash w/ poached egg. Oh OKAY, if you insist.

I think I may need to mix up my cheat day breakfast from chocolate chip pancakes (THE. BEST.) at Mercedes Grille to poached eggs, crispy pork belly confit and an array of fresh breads with homemade jam. Go, Joe!

Yep. You read that right. A G.I. Joe reference. I’m just gonna go take my Geritol, crank up my hearing aid and yell at some kids for playing ball in my yard. Happy weekend, little Druckers!


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