Little Door Is for Lovers (and Druckers)

Enjoyed a very romantic evening at The Little Door in Beverly Hills adjacent last night with awesome pal Jefferson. (Yes, that’s his real name. No, he’s not a stripper.) As my dad would say, this place is rotten with romance. It’s tenderly nurtured, like the glowing flames of the five zillion candles tucked in every nook and cranny. (The cutie-pie bartender even let me light a few. Fire is FUN!)

Over 29? Meet candlelight, a.k.a. your new best friend.

A favorite with celebs, supermodels and common folk alike, Little Door is a comforting mélange of French and Moroccan influences. Dining on the patio, surrounded by lush bougainvillea, under a retractable skylight, is certainly a trip. In fact, by the end of the meal, when they served us a complimentary pot of mint tea served in dainty, gilt-ridged glasses, I was ready to book a flight to Marrakesh. (Or at least shop for tea glasses online.)

Minty fresh. Thanks, 'Traveler's Lunchbox' Flickr person.

Our meal got off to a promising start with a buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto and tomato confit appetizer. Creamy, salty and tangy, respectively. Very nice with a Santa Ynez red. (Wine and beer only. No vodka. Stupid France.)

My rack of lamb entree with potatoes, carrots and lentils was cooked perfectly — in that sweet spot just between too rare and not rare enough. And look! This is the actual DISH! Not a reasonable facsimile thereof! Thanks, helpful Yelper!

Shanks for the memories, Little Door.

It was very good, but was it $40 good? Hm. It is to laugh. And Jefferson’s halibut (IMO)– not so much. Very dry and flavorless. If that was fresh fish, it was a tragedy. If it was a frozen one, well… You get what you pay $42 dollars for?

We finished with peach cobbler, and I wasn’t too impressed by the ice cream to fruit to brown-sugar-buttery crust ratio. After a few bites, we were left with what was essentially a bowl of stewed peaches. FAIL. More crust, s’il vous plait.

Les peches sont tres sexy, non?

FINALLY (Mom stop reading now) I can’t help but share this last morsel of deliciousness — this very handsome, 60ish Arab gentleman came in and sat down right beside us with not one but TWO… um… rent-a-friends who were clearly NOT his grand-daughters. Beautiful girls, one black, one white, both super slender, both barely legal. It was like a mini-harem! That guy is only 68 virgins short of his heavenly due!

In short, I would recommend Little Door for a wedding proposal OR for a dessert/tea stop after dinner somewhere else. At the far less pricey and handily adjacent Little Next Door, perhaps? But that’s just my deux francs.



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3 responses to “Little Door Is for Lovers (and Druckers)

  1. christelle

    I sure love all the French touches in your posts! … They add to the overall yumminess of your clever comments 🙂

    • debra

      merci ma belle! i had a nice convo w/a lovely french woman the other day, bless her she was very patient, speaking to me in french and letting me answer in english, or at best, franglais. CLEARLY i am overdue to passe de bonnes vacances en france! et merci, toujours, pour le lit!

      • christelle

        Aww, you just thanked me for “the bed,” sooo cute!!
        I’ll speak French to you! You can franglais back to me, I’m cool with that 🙂
        Which reminds me…. We must get together before 2012! (cuz you never know!)
        Aren’t A & L having a housewarming party in Manhattan Beach?

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