Two Druckin Distractions & A Nifty Gift Idea

First, please, visit this Hyperbole and a Half blog. Just click. Do it for yourself. It’s Monday, you’re bleary-eyed and underpaid, and you deserve to laugh so hard that you wet your office chair and then fall off it, forcing your cube-mates to wonder which one of them slipped an acid tab in your corporate coffee mug.

THIS GIRL IS DRUCKIN HYSTERICAL. Awesome pal Amanda called this a vacuum of awesomeness, in terms of it being a black-hole time suck. Once you read the first one, you feel compelled to read everything this woman has every written. I have a girl-crush on this brilliant 24-year-old comedic prodigy the size of TEXAS. She’s the kind of brave, honest and unflinchingly funny I only wish I could be. And she’s clean! Except for the odd F-bomb, even your mom can fall in love with Ms. Hyperbole. (Just like a regular bole. Except way more EXCITED.)

She’s very clear that I’m not allowed to draw you in by displaying her HIGH-LARIOUS drawings here, which is kind of a shame, but here I am giving you YET ANOTHER link to click on, and I like this post ALOT: HYPERBOLE AND A HALF. Ignore at your own peril.

Then there’s this. I know this is old news, but I can’t stop watching it. Tom Cruise can DANCE. Forty-seven years old. Un-druckin-believable. Be sure to stick with it long enough to see the high kick; it’s priceless:

Click the pic to view the video on

Sorry, but you have to go to WWTDD (What Would Tyler Durden Do) to see this video. If you’re male, feel free to look around and enjoy some other posts. If you’re a LADY, please watch the video and leave immediately. Mother Drucker hereby absolves herself from responsibility for any offense you may rightfully take if you have a uterus and choose to explore this site.

And it would hardly be an MD post without some deliciousness, so may I proudly present:

Merci Molly for la belle photo du pain perdu!

Awesome pals Virginia and Molly whipped up this pretty plate for me last weekend and I’ve been so druckin busy, I’m only posting now. It’s your basic French toast, made with a fresh baguette, and drizzled with salted caramel sauce. (I haven’t tested this Food & Wine recipe, so proceed at your own risk! Then perhaps send me some, for research and quality control purposes, of course.)

For Molly’s birthday, I gave her a gourmet sea salt sampler that looked a little like this:

Pretty salty.

I got it at Andrew’s Cheese Shop on Montana in Santa Monica, but clearly you have other purchasing options, and I think it’s a fun present for your fave foodie. And with that final morsel of mediocre musing, back to advertising copy.



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3 responses to “Two Druckin Distractions & A Nifty Gift Idea

  1. christelle

    Um, is that bacon next to the pain perdu?

  2. christelle

    Hehe, that’s just an unfrenching touch ๐Ÿ™‚ But then again, French toast and pain perdu aren’t the same thing. “Francophone toast” would be more accurate ๐Ÿ˜‰

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