Druck Soup, Eat More Pho

The other day, I had to have pho. (Pronounced like ‘duh,’ with a ph.) It was non-negotiable. I needed it hot, fast and close, with a choice of proteins (chicken, shrimp, beef or tofu). Luckily, Pho Show in Culver City was there for me:

Thanks for the picture, yum tum.

When I walked into the clean, compact restaurant, I was greeted with a smile and the good news that my takeout order was ready. For a mere $7, I had a styrofoam tureen of delicately-flavored, lemongrass-scented chicken broth, a separate bowl filled with a fist-sized bunch of licorice-y sweet basil, rice noodles, and a generous mound of juicy white-meat chicken.

This is rare steak pho. But you get the idea.

Plus, I’d asked for cilantro on the side, because I love the flavor, the smell and the pretty green leaves floating in my broth. (Cilantro is probably more of a Thai thing, but I don’t care. Let the haters hate. I could eat cilantro on cereal. So there.) In a separate bowl, cuddled up next to a big pile of bean sprouts, was a bunch of cilantro big enough to sell at Albertson’s for a dolla ninety nine. That’s a good deal, Pho Show. Color me coming back next time I need a phix.

Eggroll, vermicelli and salty lemonade. Hello, sodium, my old friend.

It’s on Sepulveda, between a Cuban restaurant (El Rincon Criollo) and a Thai massage place. So no matter what you’re jonesing for, whether it’s a Cuban sandwich, a Vietnamese spring roll, a Thai treat for your sore muscles or a combination of all three, you’re bound to find your happy ending.



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4 responses to “Druck Soup, Eat More Pho

  1. Little known fact. People who are allergic to cilantro have one common trait: They all think cilantro taste like soap.

    That’s what makes them haters.

    If your cilantro tasted like soap, you’d be a hater, too.

    Janice “cilantro hater” MacLeod
    Brought to you by the Cilantro Hater Coalition

    • debra

      LMAO hahaha so delighted that you’re reading MD, funny girl! well played — i was INDEED deliberately baiting cilantro haters out there. i knew at least one brave soul would step up for the right to eat tacos, pad thai and salads without the soapy intrusion of the satanic devil-weed.

      your cilantro hater coalition is a force to be reckoned with — i myself know at least five charter members, six including you! you guys are like the NRA for herbs. but the CLA (cilantro lovers association) will not go quietly! we will sprinkle, chop and garnish as we see fit! 🙂

  2. Tanya

    Janice that made me laugh!!

    Deboragh, I’m soooooooo getting Pho for my pre-ride carb-loading dinner on Friday! I’m so easily swayed…feel free to write about ice cream now. 🙂

    • debra

      yay!!! i will take that suggestion to heart and tell myself that i have free license to eat ice cream — calories be damned — all in the name of research. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! so proud of you!

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