World Cup & Druckin Big Wang

Drucker was a busy little Mother this weekend. First, bloody mary(s) and World Cup soccer at Big Wang’s bright & early Saturday morning. A black-tie ball at a historic private club on Saturday night. Hiking in Malibu Sunday morning, then basketball at Baja Cantina followed by Pho Show Vietnamese noodles.
Let’s start with the Big Wang theory:

Wang dang doodle.

The original Big Wang spawned three locations, but the one in Hollywood proper is an LA rite of passage. It’s the defining sports bar east of the 405. Even snooty Westsiders (like me) respect the Wang.

Why? Because they have more HDTVs and screens than anyone else in LA. Cheap, greasy-good bar fare, but no breakfast menu. (Right, Nicole?) Friendly staff and an eclectic crowd that includes Hollywood hipsters, hotties and hard-core fans.  And they open at 4:30 a.m. for World Cup viewing. (It’s BYO until they’re legally allowed to serve, which I think is 6am.) Inside, it’s dark:

Note huge, self-serve beer stein. (Mug? Container? Vat?)

As a recovering Chicagoan, it’s hard for me to spend daylight hours in a dark bar. If the sun shines and it’s warm enough for you to feel your toes, you should MAKE HAY, dammit. Or mow your lawn, paint your house, the list goes on.

What you should NOT be doing: getting drunk in a dark bar at 11 a.m. with 200+ people you’ll never see again, alternately cheering, crying and high-fiving in a big room that reeks of stale beer, sweat and the ghosts of fried things past.

But no matter how bad I feel about missing out on the sun, I know I don’t feel as bad as this guy:

Not the best video, but I wanted something short and sweet. (26 seconds to GOALLLL!) Look on the bright side, England goalie Robert Green. At least you’re not a brain surgeon! Think about what a bad day means for THAT guy!

And on that note, I’m gonna go to work now and write some ad copy that hopefully doesn’t kill anyone! (Fingers crossed.)


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