Top 4 Things I Find Druckin’ Distracting (Today)

First, there is this insanity, courtesy of awesome pal Myrn. It’s described as traditional Scottish shortbread with rice flour, bacon fat and bacon cracklin. In between is a marshmallow made from Vermont maple syrup and high-quality bourbon, along with a bacon fat and cracklin caramel, all of which gets encased in 72% dark chocolate.

Hello, lover.

For the record, I do NOT approve of inserting healthy ingredients into sinful, caloric goodness. It’s like boring sex. Why even bother? So I am not impressed with your rice flour, sirs. But, (sigh) if you insist on sending me some, I guess I could take one for the team. And maybe the rice flour creates a more velvety texture? Stranger things have happened.

On to distraction number 2. I cannot stop watching this for the life of me:

THANKS A LOT, ARIELLE. Isn’t Christian Bale ADORABLE? Let’s watch it again. And finally, have you ever dated someone from India? Do you know someone who has? Do you have any idea who this man is?

Sexy, soulful Sharukh Khan. AND he can dance.

This cool huffpost article is a great how-to, whether you’re dating an Indian now or plan to date one in the future. Thanks Roh!

So that’s it for today. And if these distractions help get you over the hump, you’re very welcome. Come back soon!

Sorry sorry! One last thing: I love the floaty, ethereal quality of this Joanna Newsom video, like a gauzy white curtain lifted by a spring breeze. Yet kind of disturbing and haunting and David Lynch-y, too. Thanks Jason!


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