Paula Deen’s Corny Dish Is A Tasty Drucker

Went to a Lakers gathering at the D&C Ranch on Sunday and since that’s a cheat day, I wanted to bring something rich and full of butter. So of course, I thought of this lady, who is both:

Ms. Jameson got nothin' on Paula's food-porn. Work it, girl!

Googling “corn casserole recipe” brought up this expensive, labor-intensive recipe from Ina Garten, and this cheap, trashy little number from Paula Deen, bless her sweet Southern soul. I looked at the ingredients and thought, that will NEVER work. Corn, more corn, a Jiffy corn muffin mix, sour cream, and butter. Mix and bake. Yeah RIGHT! Where are the eggs, Paula? Are you high on powdered sugar?

Hot buttered muffins. YUM.

I’ve had mixed results with Paula’s recipes. Maybe it’s because she is a “pinch here, cup there” kind of cook, which makes it hard for her people to write down her recipes. (That said, it is irresponsible of them not to TEST said recipes. Butter doesn’t come cheap, Paula’s people. Remember that.) Since I considered this combo of ingredients more of a science experiment than a potentially presentable side dish, imagine my surprise when it worked like a charm!

Two words: LOVE. HANDLES. Two more: WORTH. IT.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I used 1/3 c butter (instead of a 1/2 c) and added a drained can of diced green chilis which was a GREAT call, in fact even more heat would’ve been better — next time I might try a can of diced jalapenos. Oh yes. I’ll be making it again.

This dangerously addictive side dish was a hit at the party (especially with the vegetarians, YAY!) and I highly suggest you bring it to your next casual picnic or pot-luck! Note that it may be a little whiskey tango for your finicky foodie friends. (Thanks Greg, for giving me a highly amusing and politically correct way to reference white trash, a societal sector from which I’m proud to have descended.)

Enjoy, y’all!



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7 responses to “Paula Deen’s Corny Dish Is A Tasty Drucker

  1. Michele L.

    You’re gonna make me fat, Drucker!

  2. Lil Sis Shea

    Offense taken to the insinuation that Billy Joe and Jay Dean may have been Whiskey Tango. I have actually made this recipe before as a side-dish for family dinner and no one liked it but me! But I found it delish. And Paula Deen being rich and full of butter is both true and hilarious. I loved her so until I saw the episode when she went to Europe and acted like Paula Deen and then I was just embarassed for my countrypeople.

    • debra

      can’t believe you made this one and no one liked it but you! must be the whiskey tango in us. i was totally going to mention billy joe and jay dean but ran out of room. way to get my reference though! you’re prob the only one who would, since mom doesn’t see a problem with two first names. 😉 SO agree w/you over the paula deen goes to europe and embarrasses not only herself but an entire nation. that crazy riff w/the roast chicken vendor about her huge ‘guns of navarron’ was really just the buttercream on the cupcake, wasn’t it? thanks for reading!!

  3. Tanya

    you had me with the cheese.

    • debra

      i TOTALLY forgot to mention that delicious blanket of melted cheddar — it’s the best part!! i’m so glad you reminded me. may have to do a bit of editing so that everyone pays attention! the cheese stands alone. 🙂 thanks so much for reading!

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