Tender Greens & A Druckin Fair Trade

Before I start my post about SALAD, I’d like to talk about the “man-tabolism.” My girls hear me on this, don’t you? It’s what allows guys to eat nachos, hot dogs and peanuts at the ball game, washed down with a couple-two-three calor-riffic beers. It gives your date permission to fearlessly dig into an appetizer, pork chop and football-sized potato while you pick at a salad, then lean back, pat his belly and say, “Dessert?”

Nice try, PBR. The man-tabolism laughs in your general direction.

I just came back from the office kitchen where Jim was eating BBQ ribs and Nebraska (don’t know his name) was eating a huge bowl of spaghetti, while Melanie took a Lean Cuisine out of the freezer and I mixed a low-carb protein shake. And blah-blah beer belly. Of course there are exceptions. But overall, guys can eat more, a lot later in life, than we can. Back to salad:

Flatiron steak salad with red and green butter lettuce, radishes, beets and horseradish vinaigrette.

Went to dinner last night at Tender Greens in Culver City with awesome pal Nicole for her AWESOME birthday. (!!!) Instead of cake and cocktails, we had salads and water. (She just got back from MN, I just got back from IL. Two words: DEE-TOX.) It’s a casual, airy indoor/outdoor space. No waiters. You order, you wait, you sit. That’s it.

Right across the street from Cold Stone. Coincidence? I think not.

We split a yummy Chinese chicken salad with fairly standard ingredients — peanuts, pea shoots, cilantro, sesame dressing — elevated by the lovely organic veggies, and a BBQ chicken salad that had no BBQ sauce. (Whether by design or accidental omission, I know not.) But I loved the way the avocado was perfectly interspersed throughout the salad, instead of simply sliced on top.

Little pricey. ($11/salad, $4/soup.) But definitely worth it to try a little tenderness, even if you have a man-tabolism. Which I would like to borrow from you for the holiday weekend. You are more than welcome to borrow my boobs. They’ve REALLY been in my way lately and since you guys tend to like those, seems like a fair trade. Takers?



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2 responses to “Tender Greens & A Druckin Fair Trade

  1. christelle

    I have a hard time picturing you with a man-tabolism and no boobs… Thank God it would only be for the weekend šŸ™‚

    • debra

      haha i am back and my boobs are intact. i can only HOPE the man-tabolism was working last weekend b/c i ate way too much BBQ and key lime pie. MISS YOU!!

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