Lush Lemon Cake Plus Drucky Gervais

I should’ve posted on Friday because now I have too druckin many things to tell you about, like my new lemon cake recipe that I MADE UP myself in fabulous, Sandra Lee Kwanzaa cake fashion. (Anthony Bourdain called it a crime against humanity. Since it involves store-bought angel food cake, a dump of canned apple pie filling, and corn nuts, I call it AWESOME.)

I also want to tell you about my Saturday night LA Derby Dolls adventure (thanks Chi!) and this funny dude, whom I saw perform last night thanks to awesome pals Richard and Catie:

He says he’s only doing liberal cities, and I guess he means it — calling the audience out on CA’s no-gay-marriage policy, ranting on fat people, fact-checking the bible, discussing homosexuality in the animal kingdom accompanied by a drawing of one male dolphin um… poking another’s blowhole. (If you can’t use your imagination, here’s a visual aid.)

But enough penetration into Gervais’ twisted little head. Let’s talk lemon cake:

When life hands you lemons, garnish your martini with them.

This beauty queen is clearly made from scratch. The one I made for awesome pal Ricardo’s birthday was — full disclosure — a Betty Crocker yellow cake mix. I followed the package directions exactly, except I took out two or three tablespoons of water and substituted freshly-squeezed lemon juice, then added the zest of two lemons. I filled my layers with lovely, tart Dickinson’s lemon curd:

Why call something so delicious a CURD?! Rhymes with...

The whippy, aerated white frosting you see in the top picture is called Seven Minute Frosting. It’s difficult, demanding and frequently falls apart on you, and like so many things that fit that description, it’s not very satisfying once you actually attain it. I prefer easy, dependably delicious cream cheese frosting. So I made the standard Philly recipe, adding a few teaspoons of lemon juice and the zest of two more lemons.

Lick it. Lick it good.

So now you know about some very sexually adventurous dolphins, and how to make a luscious lemon cake. Pretty good start for a Monday!



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2 responses to “Lush Lemon Cake Plus Drucky Gervais

  1. Michele L

    My weaknesses are chocolate, cocktails and lemon cake! Damn you woman. Now I will be craving lemon cake for the next week. Damn you!

    • debra

      well i now know exactly what cake i’m making for your bday!! (dangit, have to wait til mid-december?! that’s FOREVER. we may have to have a half-bday celebration. 🙂 love you! thx for reading!

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