Ban-druckin-dera Isn’t Half Bad

Met up with awesome pal Kristi last night at Bandera in West L.A. I’ve been there before — they have a handsome happy hour crowd and strong cocktails. (These are a few of my favorite things). But my Manhattan last night nearly knocked me flat on my drunken (yes, drunken) ass:

Frosty mug sensation.

I love how the lamp makes it look like you’re in someone’s study. The kind where deals are made, affairs are consummated on a leather sofa, and the drinks come from a crystal service on a silver tray. (But maybe that’s just me.)

The special thing about THIS Manhattan (other than its lethal potency) was that since I had to drink it very slowly, the lovely bartenders kept giving me a new frosted glass, just to keep it cold. Bless them. Now, prepare to be kind of surprised. I’ve actually eaten at Bandera. And it was good.

Something about those big bones brings out the cavewoman in me.

Nothing better than fall-off-the-bone tender braised beef short ribs, unless it’s short ribs with a big, beautiful bottle of red wine. Just yummy, sweet, succulent. Kind of primal. I could eat them every day. But eventually, I wouldn’t fit through the door, and could only get them for take-out. Also, where has THIS been all my life?

Foccacia and cornbread. Carb, carb, guac.

Oh yes, please. Crank up the food porn to 11. And speaking of take-out, it’s almost cheat day! I’m thinking Sunday night Chinese take-out in my pajamas and perhaps a kung fu movie, since I’ve never seen one before and I like to have a consistent theme. But who am I kidding — I’ll probably end up watching Clueless or Steel Magnolias like I always do. See?! CONSISTENT.

P.S. Kristi would like me to amend my Lula Cocina post to say that she thinks the food there is perfectly good. Not (and I quote) Orange County good, but still, mui delicioso.



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3 responses to “Ban-druckin-dera Isn’t Half Bad

  1. next time you are two blocks from my house please let me know

    what the druck?

    : )


    • debra

      ha ha you couldn’t sense my druckin presence, so close to you? 😉 we’ll go sometime and drink manhattans — slowly. thanks for reading!!

  2. Bandera receives a three ZZZ recommendation from me – so nice, food, music, drink, atmosphere, location.

    did i mention i like the place?


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