Lula’s Margs Will Druck You Up

If I had a Mexican restaurant, I would fill it with bright colors, homey mismatched plates, plenty of sunlight, ocean breezes, music, and LOTS of queso. Since I can barely make tacos, thank dios for Lula Cocina Mexicana on Main Street in Santa Monica.

Her name was Lula. Lula Falana.

Executive chef and owner Geraldine Gilliland sounds more Irish than Mexicana, but she certainly knows her huevos rancheros from her huitlacoche. (Huitlacoche is fungus corn. I put it in the same category with blood soup and bull testicles as “things you should only eat on a dare when you’re too drunk to know better.”) And speaking of drunk:

More tequila minus mix/ice equals gringa loca.

Strongest. Freakin. Marg. EVER. Was there for Cinco de Mayo last week, had two glasses of pure tequila with a tablespoon of mix and two ice cubes. Lurched my way from there to World Cafe, where I ate copious amounts of bread (that part I remember) as well as an appetizer AND an entree. (No idea. Fish? Chicken? Testicles? Anything is possible.). So drunk (borracho) in fact, was I, that somehow I missed this supremely awesome duo:

Late for their young Republicans meeting. Clearly.

They were at the party too! But between the margs, the mariachis and the cacophonous crowd — even those outfits didn’t stand out. I’ll leave you with some yummy Lula’s Mexican treats, however (full disclosure) I cannot vouch for their quality since nary a chip passed my lips while there:

That shrimp is calling my name! Here shrimpy shrimpy!

But the Yelp folks seem to like the food even if awesome pal Kristi is not the biggest fan. I’m baking a lemon cake manana for awesome pal Ricardo’s bday — so if anyone has a lemon cake recipe — please share the love! Hasta manana, mi corazon.



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2 responses to “Lula’s Margs Will Druck You Up

  1. Kristi Patton

    Not true! I love that place.

    • debra

      hellLLLOOO principessa if you read on, you’ll see that i totally corrected myself one post later after we hung out at bandera! 🙂 why? b/c i love you!

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