Druckin Day Drinking at London Hotel, WeHo

When some English pals asked me what we should do on a sunny Sunday in LA (someone brought up Disneyland, shudder), I explained that drinking all day by a rooftop pool ogling hot models IS DISNEYLAND as far as most Angelenos are concerned. Luckily, they’re staying at the posh London West Hollywood. And the Sunset Strip neighborhood — across the street from the Whiskey and a few doors down from the Viper Room, quite literally rocks.

London calling.

The lovely friends are in town for MuseExpo, which bills itself (quite modestly) as the United Nations of Music & Media. Awesome pal David is here to promote his company, slicethepie.com, wherein you invest in your favorite indie bands and share their success, and the beautiful, sexy & delicious Nicol Dash Jones is here to perform at the Viper Room, tomorrow night, 8pm. Needless to say, GIRL CRUSH! I will be there.

But I digress. While we were lounging poolside, some poor dude slipped and cracked his head clean open, like a melon dropped from a high-rise window. DRAMA! And though we didn’t have any celeb sightings (sigh), Nicol does have a chart-topping single called Heartbreak, so maybe we were the celebrities! (Yes, you may touch the hem of my garment.)

If you have the stamina to drink all day and into the night (I recommend sugar-free Red Bull), this is what the pool would look like:

Come on baby light my fire.

Awesome pal Arianna has eaten at the London restaurant, helmed by this British soccer hooligan, and sadly, felt underwhelmed and overcharged:

Gordon Ramsay seems like an ASS. So of course, I find him attractive.

But my drink was DELICIOUS and fresh with real citrus bits and muddled berries (even if it did cost about the same as my monthly car payment), and the sun was shining, and the views from the roof were enchanting. (Not unlike a small hobo. Right Adra?) And when David (who has known me longer than I care to admit) teased me about my longstanding love affair with alcohol, I was actually flattered. I mean, you’ve got to COMMIT to something if you ever want to ACHIEVE anything. Sheesh.

Mother Drucker loves her some screenshots. All shots, for that matter.



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3 responses to “Druckin Day Drinking at London Hotel, WeHo

  1. Christelle

    Really? I like the Gordon Ramsay restaurant a lot better than Spago…! True, sometimes a magnifier can come in handy with Gordon, but the flavors are there while Wolfgang’s dishes are often out of balance.
    Joyeux lundi! Hope your week is going well!!

    • debra

      agreed — i think puck’s empire has grown far beyond his quality control capabilities. but cut was pretty good, if memory serves! 🙂 how are you ma belle? i miss you. let’s shop main street for lace-trimmed short shorts when i get back from new orleans next week. 🙂

      • Christelle

        Oh, I bought 3 pairs of those last time when you weren’t looking !
        You MUST come back from La Nouvelle Orleans with allll kinds of stories to tell! (…alliteration much?)

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