Tartine Bakery Gets Up Druckin Early

People sleep late on Sundays in LA. You can go to Target when it opens (1o am) and practically have the place to yourself. Even the Culver City Starbucks doesn’t get hopping until close to noon. So as I strolled to Tartine Bakery & Café in San Francisco’s Mission District at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, I felt smugly superior to all the lazy bun-lovers whom I imagined were still in bed. WRONG.

Tartine is the foodie equivalent of a Star Trek convention.

These San Franciscans are SERIOUS about their baked goods. I waited for 45 minutes to even get a peek at the glorious golden goodness in the sparkling pastry case. I chose a Morning Bun, which is a tarted-up version of a cinnamon roll. (See what I did there?)

Four buns are better than two.

Delicious. Golden and toothsome on the outside, tender and delicate at heart. (Which is also how I like my men.) A little crunch of sugar, a sticky-sweet caramel glaze and just a hint of orange essence — PERFECTION. I just read an article that calls them “butter bombs” which is not entirely inaccurate. Tartine offers so many decadent, irresistible items that I experienced buyer’s remorse before I’d even made my purchase. Why did I get a boring pain au chocolate? Why didn’t I get one of these?

Probably because those cream tarts are perfect for a pie in the face, but not so much for air travel. I took my goodies to nearby Dolores Park and ate most of them in the surprisingly warm spring sunshine, reserving that pain au chocolat for a late-night snack back home in LA.

Next time, San Francisco, I get up at 7 A.M.!! Then maybe I’ll have room for another round by 10.


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