Manchego Does Tapas Druckin Well

Awesome pal Bri calls herself a sushi slut, in that she’ll pretty much eat sushi anywhere, anytime. By this definition, I’m definitely A. a vodka trollop and B. a cheese whore. And I know there are some MD readers out there who share my passion for the moldy milk. You know who you are. (Christelle & Molly.)

Those are figs, but they look kinda like squids...

So imagine my DELIGHT in finding a tapas place right in my own backyard (Santa Monica) that’s actually named for a cheese! Manchego is an adorable Spanish enclave, steps from Wolfgang Puck’s Chinois, the Library Ale House and other Main St. staples. One tiny room, about a dozen tables. The night we went, they didn’t have enough chairs for our party of five, so they gave me a bar stool and I benevolently ruled over my friends from my lofty perch for the better part of 15 minutes, until a normal chair became available.

BTW, it’s BYOB and currently, no corkage fee! OMG! It looked like they were giving people free hummos while they waited for a table, SCORE. Everyone loved their buttery, bite-sized empanadas (Spain’s answer to the hot pocket), the big fresh ensalada, and the goat cheese, honey and dried figs on bread. Sadly, this dark picture is the only image I could find, and it’s from Manchego’s own site:

There's cheese in there somewhere.

But I guess you get the idea? Now, just to be clear, Manchego is good, but nothing can compare to my beloved Emilio’s Tapas in Chicago. (Caution — loud link!) But if someone wants to fly me to Spain so we can try to find a better one, I’ll suck it up and take one for the team.

I know. I’m a giver.



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12 responses to “Manchego Does Tapas Druckin Well

  1. Oh CHEESE! The reason I just got off the treadmill.

  2. Tanya

    Cheeeeese…the reason I ran 4.5k this morning…oh, and I guess that stupid donut. Damn Donut Thursday in the office!!

    • debra

      oh my goodness i LURVE donuts!! i need to spend an extra half hour on the treadmill today myself b/c of an evil basket of sweet potato fries…

  3. Oh Cheese..glorious cheese…and there ain’t nothing better than the stinkiest of cheeses. Taleggio. On days when there is nothing to be found any corner of the kitchen there is always the sacred drawer of cheese. The Cheese Mongers here in NOLA know by me name….so Ms. Drucker…I am right there with you on the cheese front along with Ms. Molly….It’s all about the Cheese, Wine and Vodka! Sing it out loud sisters…Oh Cheese, Glorious Cheeeeese I love thee so!

    • debra

      HAHAHA i love it!! the cheese song always makes me think of wisconsin. i am singing right along with you, cheese glorious cheese! i read on dean & deluca once, ‘cheese is milk’s leap toward immortality.’ so TRUE! hoping to see you in nola in a week or two and maybe you can introduce me to your cheesemonger friends! thanks so much for reading!

  4. Christelle

    Moldy milk = Miam-miam!!

  5. awesome pal daniel

    Hi Debra!
    Just checking in on your blog and know you’re getting ready for your trip to the Old City. I found a cheese shop that the people seem to luv –
    I wish I could curl up in your pocket and take a trip down with you. Such a magical place if you know how to find it. I know you’ll find it. Enjoy the Fest!

    • debra

      hello, awesome pal daniel. 🙂 thank you so much for the recommendation and for checking in with your mother drucker! would love to see you — let’s get together sometime soon, if not before the fest — at least after so i can get drunk and bore you with all my nola stories! mwah.

  6. Debra!

    I love you, and I miss you 😦

    I also love Mother Drucker, obviously, and wanted you to know that I added you to my blogroll on my blog. I also love Emilio’s…yum…

    Hope all is well in Debra’s world!

    • debra

      miss you too, beautiful girl! things have been a little hectic and i’ve been kind of a lazy mother as of late (or just a very, VERY busy one). thank you for putting me on your blogroll — of course i’m happy to return the favor. come to LA for a visit soon! je t’embrasse, ma chere.

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