Zum Drucken Deutschen Kuchen

Several things I learned last night:

1. Never drink wine in a can. (This should be obvious.) I have a HUGE bottle of vodka (thanks awesome pal Allison!) but in my haste to get baking, I forgot to procure mixers. (Rookie mistake.) So in sheer desperation, I turned to a tiny pink can of sparkling Sofia Coppola wine that my pal Garns got as a wedding favor and left in my fridge approximately one year ago. Needless to say, it didn’t get better with age.

One is clearly a can. The other looks like a can-DLE.

2. German chocolate cake — NOT German at all. No deutschen. Amerikaner. It’s named for Samuel German, who developed a sweet baking chocolate for Walter Baker & Co. in the mid-1800s. More on that here.

Someone made a pretty cake. (Hint: wasn't me.)

And speaking of baking chocolate, did anyone else sneak some out of their mom’s stash of baking paraphernalia as a kid, thinking woo hoo! This is my lucky day! Really got one over on the old lady now! Only to find that it was unsweetened, and thus a cruel joke? No?! Liars.

I made a Not-So-German chocolate cake for awesome pal Steve’s birthday today, and it smells AMAZING. You have to stir the frosting for what feels like an eternity over a hot burner. (Which almost, but not quite, set my robe on fire. Note to self: when cooking AND drinking, wear short sleeves.)

But the end result is a frosting that’s just short of fudge. Creamy, buttery, coco-nutty and caramelly, all at once. I got the recipe from good old Baker’s, where else? Give it a go, and if you use this TOP SECRET cake recipe, I certainly won’t tell anyone. PROST!



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5 responses to “Zum Drucken Deutschen Kuchen

  1. Chi

    Cooking naked avoids setting clothes on fire. Just watch out for bacon grease.

  2. Tanya

    mmmmmmmmmm, more drooling this side of the border….care packages containing Drucker baked goods ALWAYS accepted & welcome!

  3. Tanya

    This is one of the MANY reasons I love you! MWAH!

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