A FILF (Frenchman I’d Like to… Find Druckin Time For)

Remember when Bonnie Tyler sang, “Where have all the good men gone?” (And how awesomely 80s is that video?) Looks like we’ve answered that question. France. Seriously. How CUTE is this brave, baby-rescuing Frenchman? And how CLEARLY do his beautiful blue eyes say that he’s madly in love with me but just doesn’t know it yet?

Hero Julien Duret and a woman who is clearly his sister.

Gorgeous AND modest. To summarize, Julien risked life, limb and serious shrinkage by unthinkingly plunging into NYC’s icy cold (and filthy dirty) East River to save a baby girl.

Check out this quote from The Daily News, who hunted this good Samaritan down in Lyon and who have probably secured him an agent, a book deal and an acting career, “I don’t really think I’m a hero,” Duret said. “Anyone would do the same thing.”

Um… I have to go now, because I’m buying a ticket to Lyon. This one might be with girlfriend. But I bet there are more where he came from! I owe y’all a post about the yummy Argentinian cuisine at LaLa’s on Melrose. Don’t let me forget.


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