See Drucko Drink Margs at El Cholo, SM

On good Friday, I celebrated the resurrection by getting high on tequila at El Cholo in Santa Monica with awesome pal Adra. It’s a great place for day and/or night drinking, with a lively bar and a very pleasant outdoor patio. The restaurant is HUGE, great for parties, and I particularly enjoy their cheese enchiladas — tomato-y tortilla tubes overflowing with melted, mouthwatering bliss and generously topped with even more cheese:

Cheesier than a sock full o'toes.

I could show you a picture of a margarita, but you know what those look like. Plus it will make me homesick for the weekend, which seems so far away… Luckily Adra is always ready with a diversion, like this one:

A cake that's bound to get a frosty reception.

I have been aware of the Cake Wrecks blog for sometime, as it combines two of my favorite things, namely CAKE and COMEDY. And this cake is but the tip (just the tip) of the icing-berg, which you’ll discover once you waste an hour digesting the buggy toenails cake and the flesh-eating Easter lamb.

Going out tonight to watch the NCAA Championship game, are you? I feel a bit bad saying this because Coach K hails from Chi-town and I tend to roll with my homies, but this time I’ve gotta give it up for the underdog. (Plus my Grandma came from Indiana, which is apparently the home of Butler U. See how FICKLE women are?! These kind of arbitrary loyalties are no basis for a system of government.)

Go Butler. GO.


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