Druck Health Food, Eat Harold’s Fried Chicken

I know my comments, reviews and general food & drink debauchery are usually LA-based. But yesterday, while drinking JuicyJuice spiked with vodka and drunkenly surfing the web with awesome pal Arianna (why, what do you do on Wednesday nights?) I came across a Facebook fan page that brought me right back to sweet home Chicago: Harold’s Fried Chicken.

Now this looks like sacrilege to most Southerners, right? Why would you slather perfectly good fried chicken with hot sauce, barbecue sauce, salt and pepper, and serve it on a few soft pillows of white bread and a nest of fries? Because it’s drucking DELICIOUS, that’s why. If you can’t take the heat, avert your eyes now:

Not for the faint of heart.

I’ve loved Harold’s ever since I dated a University of Chicago student down there in Obama-land, a.k.a. the South Side. My order was a dark half with everything, hold the hot sauce. (I prefer a sprinkle to a dousing. Now get your mind out of the gutter while I suck the sauce off of this fry…)

Speaks for itself. I'm gonna get you, chicken.

My Chicken Shack of choice was on 53rd, where the chicken comes from behind a bullet-proof revolving window. According to Wiki, which never lies (sarcasm) it’s fried in vegetable oil AND beef fat, and each portion is fried-to-order. How good is it? One of the boyfriend’s frat brothers got mugged outside a Harold’s, and they TOOK HIS CHICKEN. (And his watch, which goes without saying.)

A cruel joke takes Manhattan.

There’s an April Fool’s type joke that In-n-Out Burgers are coming to NYC, Summer 2010, and their website dispels the rumor here. Well, Harold, whoever you are, I’m starting a rumor that your chicken is coming to LA. So get on that. And bring the hot sauce; Mama likes a sprinkle.



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4 responses to “Druck Health Food, Eat Harold’s Fried Chicken

  1. Robbie

    They do fry up a mighty fine chicken at Harold’s… maybe I’ll have the hubby pick some up the next time he’s doing the South side thing.

    • debra

      hey robbie! thanks so much for reading. just writing this post made my mouth water! i have a date with harold next time i’m in town. hope to see you soon!! xd

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