How to Say Druck You in Russian

I just discovered this list of Ten Things Never to Say or Do in Russia and I LOVE. (Note to self: if you tell a Russian you like his shirt, he’ll probably give it to you, so be prepared to see him shirtless — not always a good thing.) The reason I was investigating this topic was a particularly festive evening at Bar Lubitsch in WeHo with awesome pals Michele, Deutsch and Doug. And will you look what Deutsch did?! WHAT a flamer:

Photo by Caroline on Crack. (LA uber-blogger extraordinaire.)

There has been a lot written about Bar Lubitsch in all its retro Russian glory, for example here. It’s in an area where English is the second language not everybody speaks, and a lot of the business signs are in Russian only. Pretty bartender, great little front patio for balmy evenings, and the opportunity to order yummy foods from Jones Hollywood, who will deliver to Lubitsch for free.

Vee are zee KGB. Give us all your wodka.

But I want to talk about the MOST impressive Russian item you’ll find at Bar Lubitsch: VODKA. Generously supplied in distractingly delicious and unbelievably potent cocktails that will render you impotent for anything except drinking more vodka and telling your friends how much you love them. I had a vodka gimlet, expertly mixed so that every sweet sip was scented with cucumber, and Deutsch had the flaming peel one, and Michele had a filthy dirty, and Doug was just smooth.

Last night is still a bit foggy but I have a feeling that I may have overshared — and if so, I’m sorry, y’all! The wodka made me do it. And will make me do it again.



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2 responses to “How to Say Druck You in Russian

  1. Skip

    “Bar Lubitsch in all it’s retro Russian glory”

    Its. Not it’s

    • debra

      you are a star!!!! thank you! fixing, stat. and i LOATHE that, too. DAMMIT. if i could swear in russian, i would. das vidanya!

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