The Druckin Highest Pub in Ireland

Let’s leave LA for a wee bit, shall we? Quick background for you: I’m what I call a Hibernophile. (Hibernia being Ireland’s ancient name.) But I’m not actually Irish. I’m a wannabe. If you add a bit of Irish butter, pickle, cheddar and a crackling peat fire, the pic below becomes a Ploughman’s Lunch, AKA THE BEST MEAL EVER:

You're bloody GORGEOUS.

I even tried the Catholic church on for size (sorry, Jews!) until I feared that God or the priest might smite me down for crossing myself backwards. (Pal Richard clued me in — spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch. Sadly, I don’t tend to carry these items with me.)

But ah Jaysus how I do go on. There are countless pubs all over Ireland where you can find good craic. Today, let’s skip over the pond for a pint at Johnny Fox’s, the highest pub in Ireland. (The pic above was taken there.)

Fox be empty.

Fox’s is that rare gem where locals and tourists alike co-exist in relatively peaceful harmony. (It is Ireland, after all. Bar fights have been known to result in drinking.) Traditional music, dancing, decor and a history that dates back to the late 18th century make this classic craic-fest worth the 25 minute cab ride outta Dublin. And you WILL take a cab, because odds are, you’ll have to be carried out.

Fox be full.

Oh, I’m getting that itchy clickin’ finger again, looking for airfares to Europe. I don’t know what it is about Ireland that charms me so — maybe the rolling green hills? The saints & scholars? The sausages? The lack of snakes? Nah. It’s the drinking. (And the subsequent dancing, singing, and snogging.)

Fox sits on a mountain top. For me to drink in.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes EVER, from Irish writer Brendan Behan: “I’m a drinker, with a writing problem.” HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!



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3 responses to “The Druckin Highest Pub in Ireland

  1. Tanya

    Happy Paddy’s Day DebourRAGH!!!

    We went there didn’t we?! I’m off to indulge in a few scoops shortly! Thinking of you my dear friend!

    • debra

      ah sugar i cannah think of ireland w/out thinking of ye. wish i could head out with you for the scoops — raise a jar or two for your deboragh who loves you so! sending you my love and a bang on the ear (not really 😉 xxd

  2. Christelle

    Are those chamber pots hanging from the ceiling?… Genius! Every pub should have some readily available! 😉

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