Top 5 Random Druckin Irish Foods

It's true, Guinness is good for ya.

Saw the cutest little mini-Guinness cupcakes the other day, and it made me hungry for more Irish goodies. If you’d like to make these yourself, you can find the recipe for Guinness cupcakes here. Or, be lazy like me and buy them at Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica.

Then there’s McDonald’s Shamrock Shake:

Shake shake your shamrock.

If you need help finding the nearest toothpaste-flavored Shake, will help you locate the minty-fresh goodness. If you’d like to make your own, here’s a wee recipe for you — ice cream, milk, green food coloring and mint extract. Blend.

Let's meet at Cork & Kerry and drink 'til our pee turns green!

Believe it or not, this disgusting picture is making me homesick for Chicago’s South Side Irish Parade. Where else in the world can you freeze your druckin arse off with thousands of other day-drinkers, consuming green beer and Irish car bombs until you no longer care that your appendages are falling off due to frostbite? Singing the South Side Irish song. LOVE. And speaking of the infamous car bomb:

Better make it fast.

Funny how this combo seems innocent enough, yet once combined, turns into slimy, curd-like bits of Bailey’s before you can say faith and begorrah. If you weren’t about to be sick before, this might just be your lucky shot.

Jaysus, Mary and Joseph -- slice me off a piece of that.

Whiskey + chocolate cake = FAT & HAPPY. (You could add drunk in there.) And that leaves us with the quote of the day, which seems apropos for a pre-Paddy’s day post.

I heard Jim Jeffries, an Aussie comedian say this, and I finally felt like someone understood me. Now before I share this quote, please remember that A. I’m only takin’ the piss and B. that the c-word in Europe, Ireland and Oz is used far more frequently and considered far less offensive.

This is from his HBO special: “If you don’t drink, you’re a stupid cu^t and all your stories suck.” Words to drink by, my friends. Happy almost Paddy’s day!



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4 responses to “Top 5 Random Druckin Irish Foods

  1. Jonathan

    Did you hear the south side irish parade was cancelled this year?? Sad to see that tradition die

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