Three Drucks in A Row

I have a little A.D.D., I think? Because sometimes I’m super-focused (caffeine seems to help) and sometimes I am all OVER the druckin’ shop, as the Irish say. (Take out druckin, insert feckin.) So in my attempt to organize my scattered thoughts, I’m going to put them in piles, like the nut-jobs do on Hoarders. Prepare yourself for pile 1:

Is that a swan or Alfred Hitchcock?

Spent Saturday night at awesome pal’s Kristi’s Newport Beach house in Orange County, near cute little Balboa Island and yummy Kéan Coffee. Now that I’ve decided to go on a caffeine/vodka/no carb diet (of my own ingenious design), I’m hitting the coffee shops HARD. Kéane describes their steamed milk thusly, “…a velvety, satiny microfoam,” and if I ever find a dress made outta that, I’m buying it. And now for a steaming pile of #2:

Thanks to awesome pal Chi for this funny (and informative!) link. And to awesome pal Brooke for believing me when I told her that the tool she was using to disassemble her bed-frame was called the “Pair of Balls.” (As opposed to, say, a “Leatherman.”) Work that Pair, girlfriend! You’ll almost always get the job done faster.

And speaking of BEDS, we’ve arrived and number 3, ring-a-dang-dang:

Cool, green and refreshing. Like mint-flavoured Chewels.

Not (yet) my big-girl bed, but a reasonable facsimile thereof! It was so nice to spread out and feel actual SUPPORT under my spine that it was nearly impossible to get out bed today. Maybe this will help my A.D.D. I feel more focused already. Now what were we talking about again?

Finally, a Texas-sized shout-out to my galpal who got engaged last weekend. I’m not sure where my next toasting opportunity will be, but I know it will be to you, and I know it will be soon. MAZEL TOV!!



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