Druckin Beer & Boys at Bar Food

Bacon jam. Neither bacon, nor jam. Discuss.

That beautiful burger from Bar Food in Santa Monica Adjacent costs a mere $6 during their all night Happy Hour. In fact, I just checked the regular, non-happy hour menu, wherein said burger is listed for $9. Since Bar Food advertises all night Happy Hour, when does the burger cost $9? For breakfast? Ahhhhh this has become a story problem! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!

Anywhadiddle, spent many Happy Hours at Bar Food last night with awesome pals Dennis, Terri, Dean, Karen and Kristi. Bartender/owner Jason, a smooth and mellow Irish import from Dublin’s Finglas ‘hood, is one super cool cat, even if he only uses that fancy-pants liquor license to serve whiskey and scotch. (I’m starting a petition for them to offer vodka and coffee. Equal drinking opportunities for all!)

If you like beer and wine, they do that, too.

I'll tap that. I'll tap it all night long.

And the place was PACKED with PYTs. Must be the cheap eats and easy peasy location on Wilshire just west of Bundy, between the students of nearby UCLA and the thirty-somethings of SM. (WARNING: Kristi circled for 20 min. trying to park.) Bar Food be POPULAR.

In other news, I’m getting a big-girl bed this weekend. Bye bye, Barbie! Maybe I should have a bed-warming party? Sounds cozy! Oh and ladies — you know who you are — MAKE THE COOKIES. You won’t be sorry! Happy weekend, everyone!


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