Druckin Used Up Old Hobos & Ice Ice, Baby

Hello, delicious.

I may have to change my name from Mother Drucker to Mother Drinker. Especially when my ice cubes look like that. That’s old-school sexy. I remember when Sharon Stone was an ice-pick wielding sociopath in Basic Instinct. (Probably still is, in real life.) She told Michael Douglas that she liked to break up her own ice because she liked rough edges. Meooowwr. Break me off a piece of that… WHAT? We’re talking about ICE, people. Work with me here.

Frosty the snowflower.

The Névé Luxury Ice Company takes foodie fetishism to new heights (or new lows, brrrr….) and truly, the money spent on haute ice would be far better used feeding books to hungry school children who don’t read good than chilling in Uncle Moshe’s glass at the Brillstein bar mitzvah.

That said, PRETTY! And super cold, so as not to dilute the vodka. Was introduced to this cool concept yesterday at Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar in Santa Monica with awesome pal Arianna. I don’t love Pourtal. I’ve never been a fan of the whole buy a card, get a squirt schtick. But I do admire their Kobe weenies.

Now if the squirts were chocolate, that would be DISGUSTING.

Plus, remember the obnoxious guy who told my belle pal Christelle that all French people are snooty? WELL HE’S BACK. Arianna and I randomly sat next to him at Houston’s bar last night! I didn’t recognize him at first. But as I walked past him to go to the loo, it hit me: DOUCHE. So when I got back, it was really no surprise to learn that in the two minutes I’d been gone, he’d managed to insinuate that Arianna was an aged, homeless hobo. So cold. So cold.



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8 responses to “Druckin Used Up Old Hobos & Ice Ice, Baby

  1. “Are you and your friend professors?”
    “No. Why do you ask?”
    “Because it looks like you don’t work. You know, like you don’t have a job. And that you live in the neighborhood.”
    “Oh. Well…we’re writers.”
    “Writers are sort of like professors.”
    “See that? Older and wiser.”


    • debra

      i believe the term we are looking for here is tw@twaffle. however, used-up old hobo works too.

      • Lisa

        Oh my gawd. I must steal that “tw@twaffle” LMAO – right now.

      • debra

        OMG girl i am so with you. arianna’s sister in law came up with it (i give credit where it’s due) and it is my absolute NEW FAVORITE THING TO SAY. hahaha thanks for reading — hope you’re well!

  2. Sister-in-law

    Seeing the word flourish and spread from coast to coast is all the credit one needs.

  3. Christelle

    Well, talk about serendipity! …Damn you, Law of Attraction! 😛 Didn’t the guy say he owns, like, 25 hotels in South America or China (or some other exotic location that makes it impossible for us to fact- check) ? AND he likes to get drunk at bars every night while judging people? Clearly, there’s much to be learned from a guy like that…!

    • debra

      haha get drunk every night at bars while judging people that’s funny! but it’s okay as long as you don’t say it out loud, right? right?! 🙂

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