Drinking up the Druckin Sun in Venice

Not a bad place to be stranded.

It’s been awhile since we had an ode or a song, so I composed a little ditty (about Jack & Diane) no really, about Baja Cantina in Venice. Sung to the tune of La Cucaracha, which by the way has amusing lyrics you can find here.

Baja Cantina, Baja Cantina
Your margaritas flow so free, your server’s hot,
Baja Cantina, Baja Cantina
Fine Mexican dining, you are not.

But I love you so much anyway! (That didn’t fit with the rest of the song.) Waaaay back when I first visited awesome pal Noemi in le Cite du Culver, I stopped in at Baja Cantina for a marg and a smoke. (Yes, I used to be a SINNER. Are we over it yet? Good.)

I can’t for the life of me find a picture of Baja’s casual, open-air patio with its fire pit, white plastic chairs and wide-screens behind the bar, but in short, it moved me. Literally. I loved the lifestyle it embodied so much (drinking outside in February while wearing flip-flops) that I resolved then and there to make LA my home. And who cares if the food is just okay? The signature marg is $6.

A sugar-free marg is called a skinny bitch. If a man drinks it, is it a smug bastard? Did I type that out loud?

The crowd is a friendly, festive, all-ages mix of surfer dudes and beach babes, tourists and longtime locals who probably remember the place from when it opened in the early 80s. It’s a great place to watch a game, or just while away a sunny Sunday, soaking up sunshine and tequila in equal measure.

Did I mention the bottomless basket of chips and salsa? Help yourself, the chip-warming dispenser is just to the left of the door. WARNING: do NOT confuse this place with the orgy of druckin youngsters down the street that is Cabo Cantina. (If that’s your thing, just follow the puddles of puke.) Gosh I sound old and crotchety! Guess this is what celibacy does to a person. Let this be a lesson to you all!



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2 responses to “Drinking up the Druckin Sun in Venice

  1. I’ve been enjoying your Blog debbie…very fun-makes me want to visit CA now!! 🙂
    Now, if only i could update my blog more frequently! haha.

    • debra

      aw thanks SO MUCH! i love your beautiful family — no wonder you have no spare time to blog! (it’s a wonder you have time to breathe! 🙂 please do come visit me anytime, and thanks again for reading! it means so much to me!

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