These Cookies Are Druckin DERANGED

LUSCIOUS. Lascivious. Obscene. Ostentatious. Over the top. Other cookies are a tease. These cookies are a LAP DANCE:

Can't touch this.

Good LORD. These cookies would never pass the Olympic test for steroids. I found them while watching the Food Network show, “Best Thing I Ever Ate — Chocolate.” Celeb-chef Rocco DiSpirito referenced these cookies, the darlings of New York’s famed Levain Bakery, as the most decadent chocolate item EVER.

Now, the ladies of Levain jealously guard their recipe, but there is video of them — spoonful of sugar here, fluff of flour there — and this amazing food blogger stop-actioned them with her TiVo and gave those proportions a mighty stare-down until she came pretty druckin close to the original recipe. Bless her!

These have peanut butter chips. But mine go to 11.

I made these over the weekend and if you follow her recipe exactly (12 cookies per batch at 4 oz each), you wind up with baseball-sized balls of dough. I plopped them on the cookie sheet and walked away thinking, this will NEVER work. It defies all cookie logic. They’ll be gooey inside, burnt outside, or completely flat, like Florentines. (Thank you awesome pal Daniel for helping me coin the term, ‘cookie logic.’ It’s sweet!)

So I walked away. Sat down at my computer. Figured that’s another $20 in cocoa, butter and sugar that’ll wind up in the bin.

Oh, but then. A magical mingling of chocolate, butter and SUCCESS  filled the air and drew me to my oven window, where a miracle was taking place. MY cookies looked exactly like HER cookies, which look exactly like THEIR cookies:


Here’s the recipe on her blog Parsley, Sage, Desserts and Line Drives. (Love that her blog is food + baseball, my kinda gal!) I made the Dark Choc Peanut Butter Chip just as she says EXCEPT: I subtracted 1/4 cup white sugar and replaced it with 1/4 cup brown sugar, and I used two cups of white chocolate chips (instead of PB) and one cup of semi-sweet.

So please, put ice-cold milk on your shopping list, make these cookies and eat them warm from the oven. Their gooey, melty goodness is transcendental — I’ve never baked nor eaten nor really even seen anything like them. They are BIG. They are DANGEROUS. They are DERANGED. You have been warned.



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9 responses to “These Cookies Are Druckin DERANGED

  1. Christelle

    The first ones look ambiguous, but I have no problem eating cookies with my eyes closed. Thanks for all the visual/verbal yumminess… and yay for cheat days (can tell you used yours to the fullest)!!

    • debra

      i know the pics are not cute! and the cookies look like mud pies. wish i’d taken a snap tho — they’re druckin’ delicious! 🙂

  2. Delicious. These are my new favorite cookies!

  3. MernieMern

    Thanks angel cake. I needed a new cookie recipe. I’ll try this out and let you know what the mini-merns think.

    • debra

      do it, mern! cannot wait to hear what you think. remember — they look like BASEBALLS before you bake them. do not be alarmed! 🙂

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  5. I love that you loved them!! Just saw some hits from your blog (I LOVE ‘Mother Drucker’!) and had to check it out. Yours turned out gorgeous. I need to try them with white chocolate chips (and maybe milk chocolate) and some brown sugar! Thank you for making and loving them 🙂

    • debra

      lisamichele!! you are the baker/blogger whom i aspire to be!!! seriously, these were some of the best cookies i’ve ever had — and trust me, i’ve done the legwork. i love how you approached your recipe sleuthing with such scientific precision!! please keep the sweetness coming!

      i was thinking about making some of the double chocs this wknd, but it’s for a big group and 12 cookies just won’t be enough. have you (or any of your devoted followers) ever tried making them smaller? i realize this kind of defeats the crazy-good gooey inside purpose, but even if i could get 16 cookies, i’d be better off. i take cookies to the beach every wknd and i’m famous for feeding the hungry volleyball players!! (i answer to the name ‘cookie lady’ these days.)

      thanks SO MUCH for your lovely comments! please come visit MD again soon!

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