Ooh La Druckin La, Little Next Door

Went to Little Next Door for the first time last night with awesome pals Sarah and Dan (we missed you, Michael!) and je l’adore. We’re talking LOVE here, people. If I could give this petit bistro a French kiss, I would. (But not while on a date. Awkward!)

So first of all, au revoir, LA, hello Paris. Regardez:

"Franche fries. Franche bread. And to drink, PERU!"

It’s the Audrey of restaurants. (Both Hepburn and Tautou.) Gamine and charming and indescribably delicious. Okay, so as usual, I drank my calories. But the food looks AMAZING:

I smell French people.

I had a lovely plain mocha, but was intrigued by the Valrhona White Chocolate Mocha, which I intend to sample one day, along with almond croissants, financiers, creme brulée and fresh lemon cream tart. (Yup, that’ll be one sitting.)

When you love someone — or in this case, something — you think even their flaws are cute. Like Little Next Door’s ‘no vodka’ blemish on its otherwise perfectly porcelain visage. I downed two delicious Kir Royale cocktails (Ribena for grownups!) and was too happy and bubbly and buzzed on sparkling conversation to care.

Next time I go, I’ll try to sit here:

Paris on Third.

And try the Little Next Deal, which involves a half sandwich, a salad and a macaron. My sandwich? The Paris train-station staple and my all-time favorite, French butter and white ham on a baguette. (French butter is so rich and delicious that cheese is just overkill.) My salad would be the marinated artichoke hearts with feta, dill and green beans, and my macaron — raspberry, but of course.

Okay, I wasn’t intending to end this post with Little Next Door’s Parisian competition (that is an unfair fight, like American vs. French butter), HOWEVER — Café de Flore’s website is druckin ADORABLE. And if you don’t find yourself grooving to the little tune they’re playing while looking for cheap flights to Charles De Gaulle, well. I just don’t know how we can be friends.

So what are you waiting for? ALLEZ! And have un weekend incroyable, mes amis.



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3 responses to “Ooh La Druckin La, Little Next Door

  1. Christelle

    Wow. So glad you liked that place. I’ve been aware of it for a while (never been, though). Incidentally, I heard David Beckham goes there all the time (like, totally). What a joli post you wrote, and with beautiful pics, once again! There are so many French cafes you would/will love in Paris! I do agree that Le Cafe de Flore has that Sartrian je ne sais quoi about it that makes it so special… Unless you’re a bigger fan of Hemingway or Capote, whose vibes also apply there. Ahh, I want fromage now!

    • debra

      ah c’est vrai, paris has so many cafes i must explore! and i love the story of sartre and simone de beauvoir. delish. one day we must ‘arrange’ to run into beckham at little next door. email me if you’re free this week!

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