Another Dress That Says Druck Me

This one’s for the ladies. (All the single ladies, in fact.) Thanks to my amazing pal Haley over at Cardigan Junkie, I know that unless you MUST have something, you should NEVER pay the full retail price.

But when you get possessed by the “I’ma get me that” demon, resistance is futile. Especially when the demon takes the form of a Victoria’s Secret halter dress.

All this, and a built-in bra top so your girls aren’t out there flappin’ in the breeze. And does anyone know an exorcist? Because the demon made me buy ANOTHER ONE:

Since Victoria only allows access to her clothing Secrets online (shhhh), I can only hope that this looks half as cute on me as it does on hottie-pants (or hottie no-pants) Marisa Miller here.

But in my fantasy life, I’m wearing this at Jazz Fest in New Orleans this April, with a cute pair of flip-flops (waterproof, ’cause it gets MUH-DDY), swaying to the sweet music in the Gospel Tent, or catching Eddie Vedder‘s eye from the Mainstage.

Damn, that demon is GOOOOOD.



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6 responses to “Another Dress That Says Druck Me

  1. Skip

    Do you still have that white one I like?

    • debra

      the marilyn monroe lookin’ one? like if i stood over a subway grate, crazy shenanigans would happen? if that’s the one you mean, yep. i even think there’s a facebook pic of me in it! 🙂

  2. Christelle

    Dayum! What color did you pick for the first dress?? I have a friend who got the longer version of it in black and it actually looks like a classy cocktail dress! J’adore!

  3. we ain’t duin’ no druckin till we see YOU in the dress drucker


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