Best Wing-Woman Ever & A Funny Druckin Texan

Hey y’all. So I worked and attended traffic school all weekend. GOOD TIMES! My traffic school was listed as a “Comedy” traffic school, but it was taught by a man who used to be a clown, and now is just sad. When he talks about traffic accidents, his eyes puddle up. No joke. They need to change the name to Sad Clown Traffic School. But I digress.

Hm, this pic looks familiar -- forgive me if I repeat myself. Myself, myself, myself.

I also went to the Penthouse at the Huntley on Saturday night, which I highly recommend for the lovely view. Sadly (sad clown), I left before the fight broke out! My little Russian Grandma used to say, you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. So I guess if you drink with douchebags, you wind up with one of them trying to strangle you? It was like Jersey Shore meets The Hills. With disastrous, yet entertaining, consequences.

My favorite line of the night came from awesome pal Adra, who was the most willing, most dedicated wing-woman ever, quote: “I’m gonna wing-woman the $hit outta this place tonight.” She also provided this Craig’s List deliciousness:

HOLY CRAP! It’s ALMOST enough to make me pack my bags, move to the Houston area and live with this dude, who is clearly funny as druck. Hope it provides more comedy than a sad clown, but if that’s your thing, I ain’t hatin’ — visit Comedy Traffic School right now and sign your ass UP.


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