Druckin Molé & More at Loteria Grill

La Loteria Grill es mui delicioso. Claro que si.

Not even sure what that golden toasty looking thing is in this picture, and yet — I want to go to there. Went to Loteria Grill in the Original Farmers Market in the Grove (Third/Fairfax) last night with awesome pal Jim, who introduced me to a nuevo form of genius, the Probaditas — Sampler:

Want. To lick. The picture.

It’s all 12 of their Tacos served on mini hand-made tortillas. We split this, and I managed to spill a good portion of mine down my left boob and onto my jeans. So I now have a date with the drycleaner. WORTH IT. And next time I go, I’m getting a whole Probaditas platter to myself, so I can wear (I mean eat!) them all!

I read this awesome post wherein the writer said giving her husband a chocolate box filled with sausage balls was the culinary equivalent of taking her top off. If/when I have/get a man, you can expect MY chocolate box to be filled with mini-tacos. AND HOW DRUCKIN LUCKY ARE YOU?!

Dinner is dinner, but the Farmers Market is a TREAT!

I liked the chicken molé (mm, chocolatey!), but my favorite was the carne deshebrada —  shredded beef  with guacamole, salsa chipotle, and onion and cilantro. (For Loteria, I will make an exception to my general rule that raw onion is the work of the devil.) The pollo en pipian rojo — chicken in spicy pumpkin-seed and peanut sauce — was a close second, and I like to think Rick Bayless likes that one, too. I just would. Shut up.

Have a great weekend, mamis y papis!


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